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Yuki Kuresaki
Jouji morizumi.png
Kanji 黒崎 貴
Rōmaji Kuresaki Yuki
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 40's
Status Alive
Occupation Producer
Manga ACT.242

Yuki Kuresaki (黒崎 貴 Kuresaki Yuki) is a film producer and he is currently working on the historical period drama of A Lotus in the Mud.


He seems to be quite a harsh man for he dismisses three actors from the role of Momiji based on looks alone. He is annoyed by stupid questions, for when asked why he refuses to answer because the reason should be obvious—that they should have changed their looks to match the role. He is a man who is used to having his words obeyed.

He must like being personally involved in his projects despite being a producer which could afford him more distance if he desired. He attends the audition and dismisses participants himself. For the reaction test he is the one who attacks them, not a stunt man or even the lead Koga. His blows are hard enough that all the participants walk away rubbing their hands indicating he may have some experience in swordsmanship.


When he enters the audition he is attired in a black suit and black shirt with a decorative and lightly colored tie that relieves the dark scheme. His hair is combed back from his face in a left long side fringe. His expression is very cold and strict.


He hates actors who don't prepare for their role in advance. He is well-known throughout the world of showbiz as one of the most difficult people to work with. His dislike of 'talents' is something known to even his colleagues and other professionals (Matsushima warns Kyoko) in the field for 'he would not work with any clueless non-actors'.


A Lotus in the Mud arc

Kuresaki dismisses Kyoko for her lack of visual preparation for the role. Kyoko doesn't even get to audition. When one of the other dismissed participants tries to argue and ask why Kuresaki cuts her off saying it should be obvious.

Yashiro then informs Kyoko that Kuresaki is quite well-known throughout the industry for being difficult and hard to work with. And he particularly hates actors who do not prepare for their roles. Kyoko isn't just going back down without a fight though.

Kuresaki is watching the auditions and is in charge of giving the reaction test. Kimiko goes in for her audition and attempts to copy Erika's audition from her Uncle's description but it comes off as a poor imitation. Kuresaki comes at her with his sword demanding she tell him her name and who serves. Kimiko answers with Momiji's alias that Momiji hates. Kuresaki is less than impressed with Kimiko but it gets her a pass.

Kyoko bursts in at the end of Kimiko's audition and asks for another chance. Kuresaki gives her another chance in honor of her guts however she must show an audition that is equal or above that of the previous participants level otherwise she must leave this time with no complaints. Kyoko agrees. Kuresaki seems taken by Kyoko's audition for he is about to readmit her to the audition when he is interrupted by Jouji.


Kimiko Morizumi

Kuresaki was not overly impressed by Kimiko's audition.

Jouji Morizumi

They seem to know each other well for Jouji addresses him by his first name. Kuresaki seems to be aware of the Morizumi's use of familial ties in showbiz however doesn't seem overly concerned by it - just tells him not divulge too much information. Jouji must respect Kuresaki enough to heed this.

Kyoko Mogami

It is hard to ascertain what he thinks of Kyoko at the moment however it does seem that her Mio created an impression on him and thus intrigued him enough to allow her to stay. He told Kyoko that he is looking forward for her take on Momiji.

Hiromune Koga

Kuresaki seems to listens to his opinion and take it into consideration.


  • The name Yuki means "valuable" (貴).
  • Yuki's surname Kuresaki means "black" (黒) (kure) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).


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