Yuka Sudo
Sudo yuka
Kanji 須藤 友加
Rōmaji Sudo Yuka
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.124

Yuka Sudo is an actress in the TV drama Box “R”. She plays the role of Tsugumi.


Honami and yuka
She is always with Honami Makino. They would make fun of Kyoko behind her back and she says that "Mio-sama can only play Mio-sama."

But when Kyoko showed up with her new version of Natsu, she immediately said that Kyoko might be an actress veteran actors talk about. She eventually started getting along with Kyoko and the other girls.

Yuka also has a crush on Ren Tsuruga .


Yuka has light-colored hair with light-colored eyes. She is usually seen wearing the high school uniform during Box "R" shooting.


Nothing much is known about Yuka's background.


Natsu's arc

Honami Makino and Yuka Sudo resent being asked to carry costumes to the dressing room Kyoko was nearly hit by the door opening toward her. Sudo apologizes, then stares in shock—as does Makino. Kyoko casually strokes back her hair and wishes the two of them good morning.Sudo mentions to Makino about the veteran actor legend of characters that keep hold of the actor even off stage

When the director asked Chiro to change her looks, Sudo wonders, but doesn't say aloud, if they change their look now they'll have to reshoot the scenes they've already done. Kyoko, Makino, and Sudo discover that someone took down Kyoko's dressing room sign and tore it to pieces. Makino immediately defends herself, but Kyoko calls her silly for assuming she'd be automatically blamed. She doesn't know who did it, but Kyoko shrugs it off for now.

Still using Natsu's mannerisms, Kyoko invites Makino and Sudo out to join her in eating at an outdoor ramen stand. She's curious to experience cold weather dining. In her head, Sudo is completely against the idea and is shocked when Makino accepts. Sudo, Makino, and Kyoko are all actually having a good time together at the ramen stand.

Makino sighs and tells Sudo that she can't keep up with Kyoko. She'd resolved to be in character as Kaori as often as Kyoko is in character as Natsu. She's embarrassed but can't put her finger on the emotion.

At the start of the karaoke bullying scene all the cast including Sudo went along with the flow even taking her camera to record the bullying but was soon terrified of the extant of her co-stars bullying performance and was taken back to her real-self.

Makino and Sudo admit they were genuinely scared when they saw Kyoko smile. Later they acknowledged Kyoko to be a legend[1]. Sudo watches the argument between the director and Mako's manager.

Violence Mission arc

Yuka also has a crush on Ren Tsuruga. She becomes airy and distracted when she finds out that Ren is in the area when Box “R” and Dark Moon were shooting in the same area. Makino also noted her to be out-of-sorts and restless.

After learning the accident involving Ren's car stunt nearby, she becomes flustered and asked if she could go to check, and runs towards the region.[2]


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