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Yoshiko 1.jpg
Kanji 良子
Rōmaji Yoshiko
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Actress
Manga ACT.062
Anime The One Who Deserves to Be

Yoshiko (良子) plays one of Mizuki Hongo’s friends in the Dark Moon.


Yoshiko seems to be a very cheerful and very straightforward girl, considering how she said upfront that Itsumi Momose should be hanging out with Ren Tsuruga more instead of Kyoko Mogami.[1]



Yoshiko has a short light-colored hair, brown eyes, a slim body [2] and she has average height for a Japanese girl her age.


Nothing much is known about Yoshiko's background except that she debuted on last October.


Dark Moon arc


Yoshiko believed that Kyoko Mogami hangs out with Ren Tsuruga too much, and if anyone had a right to be around Ren, it should be Itsumi Momose because she is his co-star. She thinks Itsumi us very cool for saying that just because she and Ren play lovers on screen, they don't have to be like that in real life. As for herself, she thinks she would overstep her bounds if she tries to talk to Ren herself.[1]

Suddenly, a Love Story arc

Yoshiko 2.jpg

Yoshiko is revealed to be a fan of Sho Fuwa and she was surprised when she saw Kyoko Mogami's name in the credits as the one who played one of the angels. She believes Kyoko's appearance is a credit to computer graphics. She was even the one who loaned Yukihito Yashiro her copy of the Prisoner single [3].

She is no longer a fan of Sho because she switched into being a fan of Vie Ghoul.


  • The name Yoshiko means "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (yoshi) and "child" (子) (ko).


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