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Yayoi Fuwa
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Kanji 不破 彌生
Rōmaji Fuwa Yayaoi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably early 40s
Status Alive
Relatives Kenichi Katagiri (Older Brother)
Sho Fuwa (Son)
Occupation Manager of Fuwa Inn
Manga ACT.004
Anime Invitation to the Ball
Live-action Episode 2
Live Action Actor Yumi Kobayashi

Yayoi Fuwa (不破 彌生 Fuwa Yayaoi) is the lady boss of Fuwa Inn (Shougetsu-te), Sho Fuwa's mother and Kyoko Mogami's guardian.


We only learn about her through Kyoko's flashbacks. She seems to be a traditional woman often wearing kimonos and that she hoped Sho would carry on the responsibility of the inn as is traditionally expected of first sons. She seems to be open-hearted for she and her husband took on the burden of raising Kyoko.

In the recent chapters, we find she is very accepting and understanding, knowing full well of her son's ambitions and taking the blame for Kyoko getting caught up in his running away scheme. She is angry at Sho for losing track of Kyoko, as it made her worry.

She sounds like a kind and genuine person as she is interested in Kyoko's goals and dreams for the future and looking-forward to seeing Kyoko as she missed her[1].


Her face is never shown in the manga nor the anime however we may be seeing the Fuwas soon for Sho told Kyoko that they would be coming to see her in Tokyo[2].Yayoi told Kyoko that they would be visiting on the 22nd[1].

She is often seen wearing traditional clothing in Kyoko's flashbacks that of kimonos that are rather plain with a decorated obi.

Her hair is usually in an updo of some sort with a clasp holding it up.

In the anime, her hair is a dark brown and is parted on the left.


Saena left Kyoko in Fuwa's inn without any word. Confusing both Yayoi and her husband about the duration of Kyoko staying with them. As time went by they started raising Kyoko as their own.Although Kyoko was practically raised by the Fuwas she never views them as parents but more as employers. It is shown in how she refers to Sho's mother as either lady boss, Okami or manager, never mother or okaa-san. Also in a desperate need to prove herself and remove the burden of caring for her she works extra hard and always goes the extra mile, as in when she was learning Katsuramuki. Kyoko is deeply grateful to them as she states on her resume to LME as people she respects - the people who raised her and gave her a warm bed[3].

As an Okami of a traditional inn, we know that Yayoi is accomplished at the art of tea ceremony. She was the one who taught Kyoko about tea ceremony and other work related to inn tradition. Sho's Father, is the head chef at Fuwa Inn. Yayoi Fuwa was originally Yayoi Katagiri and is the younger sister of Kenichi Katagiri, who is a good friend and senpai of Saena Mogami's. It was his suggestion that she leave Kyoko with his sister, Yayoi[4].


Introduction arc

During Kyoko's audition for LME and while performing Katsuramuki, she remembered a flashback when she was younger[5]. It was when she was in the care of Sho's parents for over a year[6]. Kyoko overhead a conversation between Sho's parents. Sho's father asked how long will Kyoko stay in their care while his mother mentioned Saena's name and said that she has not heard anything from Saena yet.

Concerned that she would be a burden, she learned Katsuramuki and was happy when both their attitudes improved regarding her[7].

Kyoko recalls Sho's mother telling her that their business depends on people feeling that they had a good time and they would love to come again[8]. In order for customers to love the ryokan then they must love their customers by always smiling[8]. She recalls this for the rule is similar to that of the word of showbiz.

Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Kyoko recalls Sho's mother instructing her in the correct posture needed for a kimono[9].

She envisions Sho's mother telling her that she must endure everything while the guest is present and to continue to smile[10][11]. Using this she pretends that Ren is her guest in order to withstand the pain of her ankle.

Kyoko realizes, thanks to Yashiro, that the reason Sho's mother wanted to her to learn the tea ceremony and how it would 'help her in the future' was because she wanted her and Sho to get married[12]which is why she taught her the tea ceremony something only the Okami needs to know.


  • The name Yayoi means "extensive, full, fill, complete" (彌) (ya) and "life, living" (生) (yoi).
  • Yayoi's surname Fuwa means "unlucky, negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy" (不) (fu) and "rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate" (破) (wa).



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