Yappa Kimagure Rock producer
Yappa Kimagure Rock producer
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Ypk producer1

Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Probably in his mid 30s to mid 40s
Status Alive
Occupation Producer of Yappa Kimagure Rock
Manga ACT.022
Anime The True Face of the Storm
Live-action Episode 6 (Live-action)

The Yappa Kimagure Rock producer's name is unknown. However, later on, Kyoko refers to him as "Tano-P" whether "Tano" is his name or a nickname is uncertain, the "P" may stand for Producer[1]. For he is the main producer of Yappa Kimagure Rock which stars Bridge Rock as the hosts.


He seems to be a very self-confident man for the most of his appearances he is tagged with sayings like "I'm a great producer, I'm great![2]"

He has little tolerance for unprofessional behavior such as when Kyoko changed the script to get back at Sho therefore disturbing the whole show. When she attacked Sho, he lost his temper at her, dismissing her from her job as Bo and banning her from TBM Studios[3].

He is not happy when there was such a positive response regarding Kyoko's Bo that he is forced to re-employ her as Bo[4]. He makes his dissatisfaction with her clear by pointedly ignoring her any time they meet on the show's set[5].

He's an avid fan of Kotetsu Uesugi, a legendary actor known for his beautiful martial arts[6].


In the manga he is shown to have dark, slightly wavy hair with a side part and is quite tall with broad shoulders[2].

He first appeared wearing a suit jacket, a checked sweater and a dress shirt with the top buttons undone but was not wearing a tie[3]. Perhaps because this was the first recording of the show, he dressed more formally. His second outfit was more causal with him wearing a golf-themed sweater over slacks and dress-shirt[4].

He is often shown smoking a cigarette[4].

In the anime he has straight brown hair worn brushed back with a middle part. He is tall, broad-shouldered and has brown eyes.

Both times he appears he is wearing a suit and dress shirt with a few buttons undone but was not wearing a tie.


Bo's arc

The producer comes over to scold Kyoko for changing the contents of the show. He threatens her that if there are any more disturbances to the recording then he'll ban her from the station[2].

When Kyoko causes a second disturbance by attacking the variety show's guest, Sho, he throws her in a cage and dismisses her from the job as Bo. Since she changed the content so much by adding the badminton match there is no time left except for Sho Fuwa's mini-live performance so Bo's segment at the end of the show will be cancelled[3]. Due to this there is no need for her to stick around. He follows through with his threat and bans her from the station as well.

There was surprisingly positive response to Kyoko's Bo from the viewing audience with many of them saying that it was a waste for Bo to be only a helper and mascot. They also received letters from the public saying Bo was 'interesting' and fun to watch therefore the Producer was forced to re-employ Kyoko as Bo[4]. He makes it clear that he was forced and that he is very unhappy about having her on the staff. Despite Kyoko politely greeting him or thanking him for a job well done, he makes a point of ignoring her[5]. Kyoko only sighs about this for she knows that it's all her fault that he is acting this way.

Kanae's Arc

The Producer is lecturing Kyoko before she goes on the set to ensure she doesn't anger the guest. The guest is apparently the grandson of Uesugi Kotetsu, a legendary actor famed for his martial arts as well as the son of Uesugi Ryotaro, a Hollywood actor, and Nabatame Yuuko, whose also a famous actress[6]. The Producer gets a bit hyped when describing Uesugi Kotetsu's superior martial arts for he's obviously a fan. He warns Kyoko to tread carefully for Kotetsu apparently dotes on his grandson. Kyoko confesses that it actually might be too late for that[6]. The Producer yells at her, wondering what she's done. Kyoko reassures him that it should be alright for that kid doesn't know she's Bo. The guest turns out to be child star, Hiou Uesugi, who is starring in a drama with Kanae[6]. Kyoko fears that he may destroy Kanae's name for she was the one that hurt him during the shooting.


Kyoko Mogami

After her unprofessional conduct and changing the script during the recording of the first episode of Yappa Kimagure Rock, he dislikes her. Because he is forced to re-employ her, he dislikes her even more and makes a point of ignoring her.


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