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Valentine's Mystery: Yukihito Yashiro Edition

Valentine's Mystery: vs. Reino Edition

Valentine's Mystery: Kyoko Mogami edition

Valentine's Mystery: vs. Reino Edition is the extra chapter from Volume 25.

What is revealed

Extra Chapter Summary

Kyoko confronts Reino and asks him to give her apparition back. Reino stares at her and says

Reino and Kyoko.

Grudge Kyoko appears.

that he is surprised because she actually remembered. Kyoko says of course she will remember, because that is the reason she made home made valentine chocolates for him. Reino then said that he was very fond of Kyoko's apparition and shows it to Kyoko. The apparition is on a chain, connected to Reino's phone and is near-death. Kyoko is shocked upon what Reino did to her apparition.

Horrified Kyoko.

Mikoru's advice.

Kyoko bursts into tears and said it was cruel what Reino did to her apparition. Reino insists that her apparition is cute like this, which Kyoko said no. Miroku told Reino that if he wants to get a girl's affections, he needs to give her compliments. Reino says Miroku has a point. Reino stares back at Kyoko and calls her name. Kyoko aks what he wants. Reino looks at her and says that he really likes Kyoko, which left Kyoko dazed for a little bit.

But then, Reino continued and said that he really liked her Mio appearance with the scarred face, with her composure and the demonic beauty surrounding around her. Reino said he never met

Reino confessing.

A big slap!

a woman like her Mio that could mesmerize him. He then said what happened to her and said that she's too shallow. Reino tells Kyoko that if he didn't have any spiritual abilities, he wouldn't notice Kyoko in his lifetime.

After a while, Reino is walking with Miroku and a slap mark is visible on his face. Reino is dazed and wonders why was Kyoko upset and slapped him, because he just gave her a compliment. Reino thinks that he was just singing praises on her role. Miroku then said that Reino is really out of the world, he thinks that it's better for some things to be better unsaid.

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