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Valentine's Mystery: vs. Reino Edition

Valentine's Mystery: Kyoko Mogami edition

The reason his number-withheld calls stopped

Valentine's Mystery: Kyoko Mogami edition is the extra chapter from Volume 26.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed how Sho constantly finds out Kyoko's phone number.

Extra Chapter Summary

Kyoko and her new number.

Dark aura.

Kyoko is saying to herself that her number has been changed from the office and the number info has been turned off, so it would not be detected in the transmission. Kyoko thinks that if it's that way, she won't be getting harassment calls from Reino anymore.


Sho playing around.

her phone suddenly rings. From the other end, the voice was saying "Your resistance is futile. Most unfortunate, but no matter what you do, you will not be able to escape me. Monster hunter, help me--" Then, Kyoko replied and said "What? Monster Hunter? What are you saying! Hey! Come back here!"

On the other end, it turned out to be Sho. He was using a voice changer. Haruki and Shoko watches him from a far. Haruki says that if he wanted to tease Kyoko, then he should talk like a normal person although she said she knows if he were to talk normally, Kyoko will hang-up straight away.

Shoko then says that Haruki should be angry because Sho looked at her phone to get Kyoko's number. A note appears saying that Sho found out that Haruki's passcode on her phone was her birthday.

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