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Ushio Kurosaki
[[Live-action - Anime

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Kanji 黒崎 汐
Rōmaji Kurosaki Ushio
Live-action Name Director Hei Long (黑龍導演
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Director
Live-action Episode 7 (Live-action)
Seiyū Takeshi Kusao
English Voice Actor Jason Charles Miller
Live Action Actor Lo Bei-an

Ushio Kurosaki (黒崎 汐, Kurosaki Ushio) is the director of the Curara commercial that Kyoko and Kanae audition for.


Director Kurosaki relies more on raw talent, which is shown when he observes Kyoko and shows curiosity if Kyoko really have an acting talent or she just have tons of luck. He is not dazzled by those with connections and money, proved when he refused Erika's money offer so she can get the role.[1]

He enjoys being a commercial director and he could also be a little bit of a trickster. According to Director Kurosaki, talent and luck is what people need to survive in the Showbiz World.


He looks somewhat a unconventional director, having a yakuza style of appearance. He has a purple hair (which assumed to be dyed) with dark brown eyes. He has a slim figure in the anime and manga series. He is always shown using a cigarette or drinking beer.

In the live action adaption, his appearance is changed. He doesn't have a slim body and instead of always using a cigarette and drinking beer, he always eat junk food.


Nothing much is known about his background except that he enjoys being a commercial director more than anything else.


Erika Koenji

Erika tried to bribe him to give her the role for the commercial by giving him money, which Director Kurosaki refuses. Director Kurosaki caught Erika sneaking on Kyoko while she was thinking of an improvisation scene, and realizes that Erika copied Kyoko's scene.

Director Kurosaki remarks that Erika have a real acting ability, even without her family's wealth.

Kyoko Mogami

Director Kurosaki got intrigued to Kyoko when he saw her slap Kanae and hears her say that 'money isn't the only important thing in the world' to Kanae. He even got more intrigued when Kyoko thought of a new improvisation scene in just five seconds after Erika stole her original improvisation scene plan.

He was also the one who convinced the producers of the commercial that they should give Kyoko a chance to prove herself with her acting abilities. He also seemed to enjoyed filming the commercial with Kyoko and Kanae after they got the role.


  • The name Ushio means "eventide, tide, salt water, opportunity" (汐).
  • Ushio's surname Kurosaki means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).


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