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Rōmaji Tsugumi
Gender Female
Age 17
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Yuka Sudo

Tsugumi is a supporting character in the drama Box "R". She is portrayed by Yuka Sudo.


The girls in the bullying gang, Kaori, Tsugumi and Yumika, are friends that get along best with Natsu[1]. They are like birds of a feather with the same thoughts and views on life[1].

She seems to be the extra one, not as low ranked as Yumika but not a partner to Natsu like Kaori is.


Like Kaori,Yuka can't get into her role unless she is on scene[2]. She also does not like the Mio-like Natsu thinking that Tsugumi wouldn't want to be friends with someone that scary let alone respect her as a leader[3]. She is skeptical that Kyoko has assumed her role off-set like senior actors say should be done. However she realizes after meeting Kyoko's Natsu that her portrayal is quite inferior, for unlike her and Kaori who were acting, Natsu was living in the moment as the character[4].



Tsugumi enjoys the bullying as much as Kaori. Taking an active part in it by posing mean questions to the victim and taking pictures and videos of her whilst laughing[5]. She seems to simply just go with the flow of the group. However, like Kaori, she begins to have second thoughts that they may have gone too far during the karaoke scene[5].


Tsugumi is often seen wearing the high school uniform, but like the rest of the gang, without the ribbon.




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