Tina full body
Kanji ティナ
Rōmaji Tina
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens or early 20's (Flashback)
Status Unknown
Manga ACT.159 (Flashback)

Tina (ティナ Tina) was Rick's girlfriend. She called Kuon Hizuri a "murderer" when Rick was hit by a truck while chasing Kuon, causing Kuon to have trauma regarding Rick's death.


Tina is shown to be affectionate to her boyfriend, Rick, because she was shown by his side while Kuon was too busy fighting off other people. She embraced Rick up until his final moments after he got hit by a car. However, Tina is also shown to be aggressive and hateful, especially towards Kuon because she blames him for causing the death of her beloved boyfriend.


Tina has a medium length and wavy light-colored hair, with average height. She also appears to have light-colored eyes. She is assumed to be non-Japanese as she speaks in English instead of Japanese in Kuon's flashbacks, aside from the obvious fact that she resides in America instead of Japan.


Nothing much is known about Tina's background except for the fact that she lives in America and was Rick's last girlfriend before he passed away.


Violence Mission arc

Tina's reaction to Rick's death was one of intense negativity toward Kuon. It's something that has taken hold of him even in his Ren Tsuruga persona. He flashes back to Tina briefly when Kyoko tries to stop him from hurting Kei[1].

During Ren's PTSD, a flashback occurred of her after the near accident during the Dark Moon car stunt.[2][3]

In another flashback, Tina was mentioned by Rick while he was teaching Kuon the special omurice. He said that he's only ever shared that recipe with Tina before he eventually showed it to Kuon.[4]

Technicolor Paradise arc

While Kuon was spending time with Kyoko at Guam, he has been supressing his happy feelings, unable to smile because the blissful time he has right now is stolen from Rick and Tina.[5] Later on, when Kuon meets Kyoko as 'Ren Tsuruga', he makes a silent request for Rick while acknowledging that he was the cause of depriving his and Tina's future.[6]



Kuon Hizuri


  • (to Kuon Hizuri) I'll never forgive you even after you're dead![7]


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