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Year Date Events
20 years before Year 1 February 10 Kuon Hizuri is born in U.S[1]
Summer Kuu (as Katsuki)[2] and Hiroko Iizuka (as Mio)[3] stars in Tsukigomori, which is directed by Hiroaki Ogata's father, Hirotaka Ogata[4].[5][6][7]
17 years before Year 1 February-March Kazushi Misonoi leaves a pregnant Saena Mogami with Kyoko
Kenichi Katagiri's team lose the 'Jou' case
May 29 Sho Fuwa is born in Kyoto, Japan.[1]
December 25 Kyoko Mogami is born in Kyoto, Japan.[1]
10 years before Year 1 Summer 6 year-old Kyoko befriends 10 year-old Kuon/Ren in Kyoto.
After Summer Saena leaves Kyoko under Sho's parents.
9 years before Year 1 Summer Kyoko is living with the Fuwa's for one year; Kyoko learns Katsura-technique[8]
8 years before Year 1 ??? Kuon starts dating at the age of 12.[9]
5 years before Year 1 Before December Rick gets hit by a car and dies
15 year-old Kuon arrives in Japan and transforms into Ren.
4 years before Year 1 Summer 16 year-old Ren starts acting.
3 years before Year 1 ??? Ren meets Yashiro for the first time.
December 24 Maria's mother dies in a plane crash accident.
1 year before Year 1 Spring Kyoko and Sho graduates from middle school; runaways from Kyoto to Tokyo.[10]
Year 1 February 1 Kyoko and Sho sees Ren being No.1 in a survey on T.V. while Sho being No.7
February 2 Kyoko overhears Sho talking behind her back; the day where she vows to get revenge on him.
February 3-6 Kyoko moves into Darumaya, sold her old apartment that she rented for Sho and has a make-over.
February 7 Kyoko meets Sawara and Ren for the first time. They eject her from LME.
Kyoko starts stalking Sawara
February 10 Ren's 20th Birthday
February 12 Kyoko stops stalking Sawara and he gives her papers for LME Auditions
February 17 LME auditions.
Kyoko fails audition.
Lory proposes a way for Kyouko to get into LME and conceives “Love Me” section
February 20 Kyoko sees Sho again in the gas station she's working.
February 21 Kyoko becomes the first Love Me member.
February 22 - 23 Ring Doh; Kyoko's "acting battle" with Ruriko
February 24 Kanae joins the Love Me section
Kyoko acts as Flora and helps Maria
Ren discovers Kyoko is the 6 year-old girl from his childhood
Spring [March, April, May] Kyoko and Kanae start acting classes at the LME actors training center
Kyoko starts acting as Bo the chicken in Kimigure Rock.
Curara auditions and shooting
May 29 Sho's 17th Birthday [1]
Summer Day 1 Ren calls Matsushima that Yashiro is sick; Matsushima says Kyoko will fill up as his substitute manager
Summer Day 2 Kyoko starts being Ren's substitute managers
Summer Day 3 Ren starts developing a cold but ignores it.
Summer Day 3 Ren develops a sore throat and a high fever; Kyoko takes care of him and stays overnight at his apartment
Kyoko talks about finding acting as a passion.
Summer Day 4 Ren recovers from sickness; Kyoko's last day as Ren's substitute manager
Summer Day 5 Kyoko starts her first day in high school; Ren thanks Kyoko for being a good substitute manager
Kyoko gets offered to be at Sho's PV
Summer Day 6 Ren leaves goes on a out-of-town shoot
Prisoner PV shooting
Summer Ren's Katsuki Acting Test
Start of the Dark Moon shoot; location shoot at Karuizawa
October 9 Release of Sho's first song that starts his "undefeated legend"
October 15 Initial broadcast of Dark Moon
November 6 Release of Sho's second song for his "undefeated legend"
November 26 Broadcast of Dark Moon's 7th episode[11]
November 27 Ren's acting test for BJ[12]
Kyoko gets three drama offers[13][14]
December 12 Kuu arrives in Japan
December 13 TV broadcast about Sho's "undefeated legend"
December 14 Kyoko acts as Kuon
Ren meets Kuu
December 15 Ren/Kuon records a video letter for his parents
December 16 Kuu returns to U.S
December 24 Happy Grateful Party starts; Maria's 8th birthday [15]
December 25 Scheduled release of another Sho single
Happy Grateful Party ends; Kyoko's 17th birthday[16][17][18]
December 26 Box "R" joint scenario reading[19][20]
Year 2 January 1 Kyoko's New Year shrine visit with Taisho and his wife.[21]
January 13 Box "R" starts shooting
Mid-January Kyoko having trouble with her new role, Natsu; Kyoko asks Ren for help
End-January Chiori joins the Love Me section
February 10 Ren's 21st Birthday
Reino appears and demands Valentine's chocolates from Kyoko
February 12 Sho calls Kyoko
Kyoko stays over at Kanae's house and teaches her how to make Valentine's chocolates
February 13 Sho visits Kyoko; Kyoko gives hate chocolates to Reino
Ren's birthday gift arrives
February 14 Valentines Day; Kyoko gives Ren his birthday gift
Sho visits Kyoko at Dark Moon set and forces a kiss her on the lips
Kyoko gives Gelee Au Vin (dessert) to Ren and he kisses her on the cheeks
Kanae gives her chocolates to Hiou
End-February Ren has caller-ID blocking removed for his and LME phones
Dark Moon surpasses Tsukigomori's viewership record
Kanae is introduced to Chiori
The three Love Me girls get their missions
Something Fun; Something Messy; Something Dangerous
Heel Siblings act starts
Dark Moon & Box "R" location shoots[22]
March 5 Dark Moon wrap-up parties; Kijima grooms Kyoko and broadcast of final episode of Dark Moon
Cast interviews for Dark Moon TV special
Dark Moon sets new viewership record
March 6 Broadcast of Dark Moon TV special
March 7 Cain Heel joins the Tragic Marker shoot, brings his sister Setsu with him.
March 8 Murasame fights with Cain
Sho sees Kyoko and Ren's promo for Dark Moon TV special
March 9 Kijima e-mails Kyoko
Sho ambushes Kyoko in school and they see Ren in TBM parking area
March 11 Chiori e-mails Kyoko
Setsu straddles Cain and gives him a hickey; Cain and Setsu go on a date
Lory starts going undercover
March 12 First mention of Kuu's "Kyoushirou"
Cast and Crew including Director Konoe sees Cain's hickey
Cain hugs Setsu
March 13 Cain and Setsu notice the undercover Lory
Cain hugs Setsu again; Lory finds Kyoko's real feelings
Kyoko acknowledges that she is in-love with Ren
March 14 White Day; Lory announces Setsu's vacation and he and Kyoko discusses Kyoko's feelings for Ren
End-March Kyoko's final exams by the middle of spring break; Kyoko sees Ren's magazine[22]
April 4 Kyoko flies to Guam[23][24]
Kyoko re-unites with Corn; Kyoko gives Corn the "kiss of re-birth"[25][26]
April 5 Cain and Setsu join Tragic Marker shoot in Guam
Jelly flies back to Japan
April 6 Setsu throws Manaka down
Jelly re-unites with Lory
Sho drops by to Darumaya[27]
Initial broadcast of Box "R"[28][29]
April 7 Kyoko flies back to Japan[30][31]; Kanae receives the script for Minamori Miyako III[32]

Sho visits Kyoko at Darumaya[33]

April 8 Chiori and her manager gets into an accident.
Kanae and Saena see each other for the script reading of Minamori Miyako III
April 9 Lory and Yashiro sees Saena's commentary about the traffic accident
Kyoko goes with Chiori to the "Are you serious?" shoot and encounters Saena

Kanae and Kyoko have lunch at the TBM Studios
Jelly flies from Guam to South Korea to pick up Ren

April 10 Ren flies back to Japan with Jelly
Sho sees Saena on Kironotto
Ren, Lory, and Yashiro watch Saena on Kironotto
April 11 Kyoko watches Saena on Kironotto. Kyouko runs out upset and encounters Sho, who forces a kiss on Kyouko
Pro photographer takes pic of kiss
Kyoko runs away. Ren finds Kyoko and cheers her up
Kyouko introduces Ren to Darumaya couple
Kyoko calls and arranges an appointment with her mother through Susumu Todoh, then meets with her mother
April 12 Ren goes to Darumaya again to see Kyoko
Ren flies back to Guam to finish shooting Cain's scenes for Tragic Marker
April 13 Kyoko has her first lesson with Kotestu
Second episode of "Box-R" is aired (not that bad ranking)
April 17 Lasts ten days to the audition
Kyoko meets Koenji at the hospital and learns about her conditions
Kyoko's been asked to take the role of Momiji in place of Koenji by her butlers
April 19 Yashiro offers to Kyoko to be her temporary manager for two weeks
April 20 Third episode of Box "R" is aired
April 22 Kyoko meets with Sho's parents (?)
April 25 Kyoko and Kanae finish their training with Kotetsu

Kyoko meets Momose-san and talks about receiving a white-day gift from Tsuruga-san

April 26 Kyoko wins the part of Momiji, is attacked by Kimiko and her manager, but saved by Erika Koenji

Lory shows Ren the picture of Sho kissing Kyoko Ren goes out drinking with Kijima and runs into popular actress Kana.

April 27 Kyoko, Ren, and Yashiro have a picnic. Ren makes a daisy ring for Kyoko and she snaps at him.
April 28 Ren becomes jealous when he sees Sho with Kyoko outside Darumaya (restaurant) early in the morning

Ren tells Kyoko about paparazzi capturing a photo of Sho kissing her and that both agencies buried the story

April 29 A gossip magizine posts an article about Ren and Kana, depicting a picture of her kissing his cheek

Kyoko runs from Ren every times she sees him Kanae stops Ren from running after her

April 26 After a chase throughout the TV studio, Ren corners Kyoko.

Ren and Kyoko realize and admit their feelings for each other, but agree that their life goals are more important than being in a relationship

Ren gives Kyoko his necklace so that she can have confidence that his heart is always hers.


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