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Them Then

Them Then ~The human mandala in the small hours in the morning~

Him Then

Them Then ~The human mandala in the small hours in the morning~ is the extra chapter from Volume 38.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed what happened right after Ren comforted Kyoko when she heard about the news about her mother.

Extra Chapter Summary

Ren enters Darumaya with Kyoko, which greatly surprises Taisho and his wife. Ren apologizes for visiting them that late at night while Kyoko introduces him to them, saying he is a senior at her agency and also a co-star from Dark Moon. Taisho and his wife are still dumbfounded even

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after Kyoko's introduction.

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Taisho's wife inner voice says that she knows because she recorded Dark Moon and watched it every week. There is a note saying that Ren Tsuruga is someone fame and looks are only matched by a few. Taisho's wife wonders why a "Ren Tsuruga" is there at their shop at that hour.

While Kyoko was directing Ren to sit at a corner in the shop, the Darumaya owners are still thinking about the situation they are now seeing. Taisho's wife wonders what happened with Sho, guessing if something happened somewhere in the middle so now, Ren took place of Sho's place. She admits that she can only guess at the situation and could not tell what exactly happened.

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As Taisho and his wife stare at Ren and Kyoko interacting, they think 'What in the world does this mean?'. However, after seeing Kyoko smiling at Ren, they both feel relieved. Taisho's wife thinks it's fine, it doesn't matter who was with Kyoko. For her, it seemed like Ren have cheered up Kyoko and later, she plans to ask Kyoko some things about what happened.

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Kyoko leaves Ren with the Darumaya owners for a while as she goes back to her room. When Ren was left alone with the owners, he flashed out a big smile for them but only earned a poker, distilled face from Taisho.

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Back in her room, Kyoko prepares the Love Me stamp book, Love Me seal among other things. Then, Kyoko imagines that Ren might ask her to visit her room and she won't be able to refuse because she has seen his whole apartment. However, she cringed at the thought as she had a big poster of Sho and a small poster of Ren's in her room. She imagines Ren asking why she has a poster of him at her room and furthermore, why Sho's poster is relatively bigger. Kyoko plans out a plan to stop it from happening by taking the posters off and cleaning a bit in her room.

Back at the first floor, Ren is currently sitting in a position where he is face-to-face with the Darumaya owners. Taisho looks at Ren with his usual poker face and offers him a fish dish, telling him to have a meal. Ren nicely refused his offer, saying he already had a meal. However, Taisho insists and even glares at him. Taisho's wife sees the incident from the back and sweatdrops while Kyoko has just gone back from her room.

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With Kyoko and Taisho's wife in the scene, Ren was let go of and not offered the fish dish anymore. Taisho is scolded by his wife in the corner but could still be clearly heard by Ren. Taisho's wife says that she just left for a moment, but he already became rude to Ren. Taisho mutters something that Ren couldn't hear and his wife replies that he's just overthinking because after all, Ren is a senior at Kyoko's agency.

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Kyoko thinks that from worrying about a lot of stuff at her room, she even managed to tidy up some places so she really took longer than expected to think something odd like what happened with Taisho earlier has already happened. Kyoko apologizes to Ren, saying that she doesn't know what's gotten into Taisho when Ren's clearly not applying for a part-time job. Ren asks what she means by that so Kyoko explains that serving a fish dish is the first test for the shop's part-time employment. She says that Taisho likes people who can eat fish cleanly. In her time, she was treated like that too because after hurried greeting, a fish dish was immediately served to her out of nowhere.

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Kyoko says it was a long time ago but she enjoyed it even though it was weird. Furthermore, after that, she was already accepted in the Darumaya on the spot without any further questions. Apparently, Taisho says that how a person eats ultimately reflects their character.

Kyoko remembered how Sho shamefully asked for another serving of bamboo, thinking that there is some people who are just well-bred. Kyoko's darkness re-appears for a bit as she wonders if Sho was also offered a fish dish like Ren.

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After all, Sho did mention that he was asked if he had already eaten and he was served with an array of dishes other than the fish dish. Kyoko concluded that Sho probably did get on the good side of the boss, but thinks that it is unfair because that guy was just bought up well like a prince.

After Ren heard Kyoko's story about the boss, he thinks that his instinct was right. Ren did think that he was being assessed, his character. He says that it's too risky. Ren further thinks that if he had lost the battle and reached out with a heavy heart, a person who keeps up appearances might have seen through his 'perfect' character because he is smeared with fabrications and lies. Ren's resolution for the meantime is to study how to eat a fish cleanly.

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Later on, Taisho's mutterings were revealed. Taisho said that it is thoughtless for Ren too come see Kyoko, a marriageable girl at such a late hour. His wife argues that what Ren did was not any different from what Sho did. Taisho insists that Ren is like a con man, especially with the extremely sociable smile he has been showing them.

Taisho's wife said that he is definitely overthinking because Ren is just Kyoko's senior at her agency. But, Taisho said that what Ren did might be a marriage fraud. His wife dismisses the thought because to her beliefs, love is off-limit for people who are both in showbiz (an image of showbiz from a long time ago).

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