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Them Then

Them Then ~The human mandala in the small hours in the morning~

Them Then is the extra chapter from Volume 35.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed why Kyoko was still in denial that "Corn" and Ren were not the same person.

Extra Chapter Summary

This is around the time when Corn showed that holy smile at around Chapter 210 and in around Chapter 212, after Corn left, Kyoko’s demons are in a meeting. They are all wearing protective suits.

Kyoko’s demons/ ‘souls protecting Kyoko’: Because of the urgent situation, we are doing to have a general meeting.

Kyoko's apparitons.png

(showing Corn’s smile picture)

It has been a long time since we felt this feeling of being purified. Thus, we conclude that Corn and Ren is one person. On this earth, it is unexpected that there is someone else who can launch that murderous radiance. At that time, it is truly terrifying. Because of carelessness, a number of our comrades had passed away after being purified by it.

Kyoko demons comparing corn and ren.png

(showing Ren’s picture)

Before, when we were attacked by it, we had become weak. Even if the second attack’s firepower had weakened a lot, I think that if we weren’t wearing these light protective suits, it is very possible that the second attack will totally wipe us out. So, we should always keep this attire on.

That killer radiance is also too much that perhaps, these two people are.. but one person.

(showing pictures of both Ren and Corn)

Kyoko thinking.png

Even if one cannot say for sure, if it is or it is not, because Corn copied Tsuruga-san, right?

No, it isn’t. He ought to only copy the voice and that’s all. And our leader, also had already vaguely see Corn as Tsuruga-san. Even if a fairy can copy the voice, but it is impossible for him to emit a completely similar kind of temperament energy. It is impossible for the boss not to discover such a big bug.

It depends..then right now, could it be that boss is..

Kyoko: It is as if that haze from my heart has dispersed. *recalls Corn’s smile* That dazzling bright holy smile that can blind my eyes. Although I felt that Corn’s smile at that time is the same with Tsuruga-san’s.. As expected.. is it just an illusion? Just now, I saw Tsuruga-san’s holy smile that once again, I’m convinced that these two smiles have

Ren tsuruga and kyoko mogami guam.png

the same impact on me. Corn’s holy smile is Tsuruga-san’s holy smile but.. Corn can only duplicate the voice and that’s all. Is it possible that the holy smile is also recreated?

(Demons seems tense as Kyoko comes up with her conclusion)

Kyoko: Could it be that Tsuruga-san’s *looks at Ren* eighth ancestor has the DNA of a fairy. Oh my god!! So, his body built isn’t like of an earthling.

Demons go into shock.

Demons: We totally couldn’t guess boss’ conclusion. Even if we know that boss’ brain is made of fairy tale kingdoms, those Gordian knots.

Boss, please go and eat some medicine.

Kyoko mogami finally shocked.png

Kyoko: This is something that even Tsuruga-san isn’t aware of. The secret of his family origin. Perhaps, I’m the only one who is aware of it!

Demons: Ohmygodeath-

Ren: What is it, Mogami-san? Is there something that you want to say?

Kyoko: At that time, Tsuruga-san will realize it, so right now, I won’t say it.

Demons: She generally thinks that during some vicious heterosexual battle, Tsuruga-san’s fairy ability will open up. So worried about the boss’ future. If we don’t strive hard in protecting leader, we reckon that leader would have had been sold off earlier on to become a wife to the southern mountains.

Character In Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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