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Valentine's Mystery: Kyoko Mogami edition

The reason his number-withheld calls stopped

Him Then ~This Truth He'll Take with Him to the Grave~

The Reason His Number-Withheld Calls Stopped is the extra chapter from Volume 31.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed why Ren added a caller ID to his phone, as the title suggests.

Extra Chapter Summary

At the LME Building, Ren and Yashiro were walking but stopped when they heard a familiar voice. It turned out to be Kyoko, she was on a phone on someone with an angry expression. Yashiro thinks that Kyoko was talking in such an angry tone. Then, Kyoko screamed if he

Yashiro and ren looking at kyoko.png

really wants his pudding, he should by it himself because she wasn't his housekeeper anymore, or he should ask Shoko to buy it for him because by now, she would've realize how he really is. With that, Yashiro confirmed that it was Sho that she was calling.

Kyoko angrily talking on the phone.png

Kyoko stopped talking on the phone when she realized Ren's presence. Ren asked if it was Sho who just called her. Kyoko replied yes, that sometimes he calls even though she has forgotten about him since Valentine's Day. She told them that the last time he called, Sho told her that her acting wasn't good and so therefore, she tried to win the argument but then she ended up talking with him for 40 minutes.

Kyoko suddenly sees ren and yashiro.png

This shocked Yashiro, because 40 minutes is quite long and he wondered if Sho was her friend. Ren asked if she till had a grudge against Sho. Kyoko replied that she still does, and that her feelings for him will remain until she dies and will be reincarnated. Then if that

Kyoko is angry.png

so, Ren said that she should just completely break things off with Sho, which Yashiro nods to. Kyoko said she already did that, but Ren said that if she really did, then why does Sho still call her? Because she gave him her number? Kyoko replied she did not give Sho her

Ren looking at kyoko about her phone.png

number, but somehow Sho keeps on finding out what her number is and then he usually calls without a caller ID. (A side note in the narrative reveals that Sho usually finds out her number from Miroku.) Kyoko said, "Well, yes.. but..." Ren asked for Kyoko to finish her sentence. Kyoko replied that if she did do that, then she would end up ignoring Ren's calls as well as LME's 

Lory and ren at lme.png

because they doesn't use a caller ID either. Ren had forgotten that he doesn't use it. Kyoko asked Ren if he won't be angry if she starts ignoring his calls too. Later, Ren is shown at Lory's office. Lory was shown being dressed for his costume. Lory said

Kyoko's phone list.png

it would be fine if he wants LME to use caller ID when giving calls but asked why Ren would worry about that. Ren just replied it would really help him.

Kyoko is shown staring at her phone. The Call Log #1 was from Kanae, Call Log #2 was from Ren and Call Log #3 was from Taisho's wife. Kyoko smiled at her phone and realized that Ren was now using caller ID.

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