The Secret Stamp Album
The Secret Stamp Album
Episode 14 title card
Kanji 秘密のスタンプ帳
Rōmaji Himitsu no Sutanpu Chou
Episode Information
Air Date January 11, 2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Battle Girls Together in the Minefield

The Secret Stamp Album is the fourteenth episode of the anime series.


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Episode Summary

Due to Kyoko's quick thinking for the impromptu but amazing act, Kyoko and Moko were chosen by the company. Erika was so angry at Moko-san for beating her twice, plotting to using violence so that she will get Moko's part in the commercial. While Kyoko and Moko were strolling around town together, she found out that Moko didn't have any true friends before and told Moko-san that she will be Moko-san's first true friend.

Kyoko accidentally confesses her feelings (friendship) towards Moko and is embarrassed, pushing Moko away and interrupting Erika's plan to destroy Moko. Moko tells Erika that if she wants to be acknowledged as her rival, she should step out of her comfort zone and get her hands dirty. Kyoko was so happy because it was the same thing that Kyoko had told her before. When Kyoko was sleeping soundly on the bus, Moko secretly stamped a full 100% in the stamp album for Kyoko.

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