The Permissible Encounter

The Permissible Encounter
Episode 24 title card
Kanji そのコンタクトは許される
Rōmaji Sono Kontakuto wa Yurusareru
Episode Information
Air Date March 22, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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The Permissible Encounter is the twenty-fourth episode of the anime series.


Ren loses the ability to act as Katsuki. Because of this, he had an emotional meltdown. The director asked him to take some time off and find his "Katsuki" that can surpass the original. Meanwhile, Sho is acting surprisingly calm about seeing Kyoko's and Ren's names on Dark Moon's promo poster.

Episode Summary

Ren is facing the biggest crisis in his acting life. After completely losing the ability to play the role of Katsuki, he's asked by Ogata to take some time off so that he can find his version of Katsuki. Ren is devastated, and he starts to drink and goes into depression. Ogata feels guilty about giving Ren too much stress but he feels that giving Ren a break is the best way to help out Ren.

Meanwhile, after knowing about Kyoko's new acting project with Ren, Sho seems to be indifferent about Kyoko, in front of his manager. However, when he's alone, it's a different story. He's constantly thinking about Kyoko and Ren being a lovey-dovey couple and those thoughts make him angry and frustrated.

Kyoko has just finished playing Chicken Mascot (Bo) in the variety show and is on her way to return the Chicken Mascot costume. Kyoko can't help but feel worried about Ren. She can tell that Ren is troubled by something bigger than the retakes he had to do. She debates with herself on whether or not she should give him advice, and if he would even listen to her.

While she's still debating with herself, she shockingly finds Ren alone, in a depressed state. She decides to put on the Chicken Mascot costume so that Ren will again share his feelings and troubles with Bo. They talk, and Kyoko finds out about Ren's lack of a love life. Apparently, his lack of love life is keeping him from playing a good Katsuki. In the end, Kyoko, without realizing it, makes Ren see that he is starting to fall in love for the first time, and it's with Kyoko!

Back at the filming scene, President Takarada pays Ogata and crew a visit. He unsurprisingly finds Ren to be missing. He asks Ogata to give Ren three more days and if Ren is unable to act as Katsuki after three days, Ogata should remove Ren from the role.

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