The One Who Deserves to Be
The One Who Deserves to Be
Episode 21 title card
Kanji 資格を持つ者
Rōmaji Shikaku o Motsu Mono
Episode Information
Air Date March 1, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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The One Who Deserves to Be is the twenty-first episode of the anime series.


Kyoko landed a role in Dark Moon, a remake of a drama that was popualr 20 years ago. Ren is main male lead in the same drama and the director wishes to surpass the original drama. The original actress who played Kyoko's role, Mio, questions her ability as an actress on portraying Mio...

Episode Summary

Sawara passes the original novel of the drama series Tsukigomori to Kyoko. She will be playing Mio, the younger sister of a horrible girl who tries to get between the male lead, Ren, and the female lead. On her way out of LME, she hears someone crying in the hallway. When she looks, she finds a fair man in white suit crying. She then sees Ren's manager offering a drink to this man. Since they are talking about Ren, she can't help but to stay and eavesdrop. She's surprised to hear that Takarada, LME President, is against Ren's appearance in the drama. The man, who happens to be the drama's director, Ogata, laments that without Ren in the drama, there is no point in doing it as he won't be able to outdo the original drama, which was shown 20 years ago.

Suddenly, Kyoko kneels down in front of them and admits that she has been eavesdropping and since this matter also concerns her, she expresses her desire to openly hear it out until the end. After a short moment, Ogata recognizes her name.

Meanwhile, Ren is having a talk with Takarada. Takarada feels that Ren has not really fall in love before and thus is unsuitable for the role. Ren thinks otherwise and feels confident about outdoing what the predecessor had done. Takarada then comments that the girls Ren went out with left him because he's too cold. He tells Ren that when one falls in love, the more serious one is, the less composed one becomes. Ren leaves the room with permission (begrudgingly) from Takarada to act in the drama. Ren is determined that he will be able to outdo the original version no matter what. Still deep in thoughts, Ren hears a scream. Ren knows this voice. It's Kyoko's!

Kyoko is upset to hear that she's not acting as a 'wonderful' rich girl. Instead, she's acting as a rich girl, who is filled with deep hatred and has a serious inferiority complex. Ogata is sad when Kyoko says she wants to quit. Ren interrupts the conversation when he realizes that Kyoko will be acting in the drama. Ogata explains that after watching Sho's promo video, he believes that Kyoko will be able to outdo the original Mio as Kyoko has an aura that's 'more evil than the devil and darker than the night'. Upon hearing that, Kyoko feels embarrassed and wants to walk away but Ogata begs her to stay. Ren then surprises everyone by saying that he will appear in the drama. Ogata is very happy to hear that. Kyoko decides to act too as she relishes this opportunity to watch Ren in action.

The actual filming begins. Kyoko is having trouble playing Mio. Even after reading through the script thoroughly, Kyoko is not quite sure abour how to play the role. Ren gives her some good advice during the break.

The filming restarts. Kyoko, who is still thinking about what Ren has said, totally messes up the first take. The worst thing is the actress who played Mio 20 years ago is present to witness everything. She's very worried that Kyoko will screw up and spoil the reputation of Mio and demands to ask Kyoko some questions to determine if she's qualified to play Mio. If Kyoko fails, she will have to step down from her role. Kyoko answers all the questions perfectly except the last one - why does Mio hate her cousin Mizuki?

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