The Last Ritual
The Last Ritual
Episode 19 title card
Kanji 最期の儀式
Rōmaji Saigo no Gishiki
Episode Information
Air Date February 15, 2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Sin like an Angel Invitation to the Moon

The Last Ritual is the nineteenth episode of the anime series.


The episode begins with Kyoko moping over not being able to 'kill Sho like an angel'. She then calls Moko and gets an idea on how to act properly. She imagines that she will be killing Moko's lover for hurting her. Kyoko calls Ren afterwards and he isn't there so she leaves a voice message but realizes she doesn't want him to know she's acting in Sho's PV, so fails to mention her problem.

Episode Summary

The shot for Fuwa Sho's PV continues as Kyoko began to fall down because of the failing to act on the PV. She tries to call Tsuruga Ren to ask for help but can't reach him, thus, she left a voice message in the inbox. She then calls Moko and ask for her help about the act on the PV where as an example she tries to kill Moko's lover as he is going to cause Moko to die and she asks her how she will feel if she does that. After that Kyoko takes a walk
Tears of an angel
outside and continues to be immersed in her thoughts when she stumbles on Mimori that she finally realizes that she should return back herself.

Before that Fuwa meets Kyoko in the set and he ask her if she is alright but she seems to show a very dark expression. The PV continues as the crew starts, Kyoko suddenly snaps, the producer and Fuwa are surprised to see that Kyoko seems to be in tears. She walks slowly towards Fuwa and puts her hands on his throat and the background music 'Prisoner' plays. Fuwa suddenly remembers how he use to see Kyoko crying because of all the pain that she could not bear and how he couldn't stop from not watching her cry.

As Kyoko pushes Fuwa down, he couldn't seem to be closing his eyes when he was suppose to because he is still in dazed and producer Asami who was shocked to see Fuwa like that continues to look at Kyoko who has now shown her face in a very dark expression where she is relieved for the sin she committed
Sin of the angel
where she could protect the person she cares about. The shot is repeated back again as they need to redo the filming due to the wrong scene in Fuwa's act. As Asami turns around it seems that Kyoko is in her thoughts on how she doesn't want Moko to die and keep crying and also shows how Fuwa feels that he could not bear to stop her from crying from long before. The PV continues and ended. The ending of this episodes continues as Kyoko argues with Fuwa, and she changes personality and suddenly interrupted by a phone call from Ren. Fuwa takes the phone an replied back with a proud voice and ended the phone call causing Kyoko to be in wrath due to Fuwa's action might ruin her relationship with Ren. It ended with Ren's face showing a dark expression showing that he is mad with Fuwa's action.

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