The Labyrinth of Reunion

The Labyrinth of Reunion
Episode 4 title card
Kanji 再会の迷宮
Rōmaji Saikai no Rabirinsu
Episode Information
Air Date October 26, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Labyrinth of Reunion is the fourth episode of the Skip Beat! anime series.


It's been four days since the LME audition and Kyoko, now working at a gas station, is at a loss at what to do. Fate is not on her side when a van containing Sho himself pulls up. Kyoko hopes she isn't seen by Sho but is then angry when he doesn't recognize her. With her rage fired up and her Boss giving her one last push, she heads back towards show-biz.

Determined to get back in Kyoko infiltrates LME not knowing that Sawara, the President and Ren are all expecting her. Kyoko gets her first job as a Love Me Member and realizes that Ren really does hate her when he deliberately tricks her.

Episode Summary

Kyoko is working at a gas station, thinking about what Ren and her boss said to her. She recalls Ren's warning that guts alone won't get her into show-biz. Kyoko is annoyed to acknowledge that Ren was right all along but feels ashamed and guilty remembering what the boss said. As he questioned her seriousness regarding show-biz and that he thought she had more guts. She ponders other ways to enter show-biz like maybe as a comedian but disregards this for the reason she wants to get into show-biz is to beat Sho at his own game and get revenge. But if she can't get into show-biz then how can she get revenge?

During her break, an advertisement of Sho appears on the television screen promoting cosmetics, causing Kyoko to have a violent breakdown as cosmetics are the one thing she wishes she could buy. The commercial only causes her to despise Sho more, for he is advertising the very thing she wants. Her sudden collapse at the commercial is misinterpreted by her co-worker as a strong fan reaction.

Fate is definitely not in Kyoko's favour as then a van rolls up to the gas station and guess who jumps out, Sho himself. Kyoko desperately wishes she could hit Sho with something however she definitely does not want Sho to recognize her. Lowering her cap, she keeps her back to the van while Miya, her co-worker, fangirls over Sho as he gives her his autograph. Miya points Kyoko out when she had intended to escape, describing her overwhelmed reaction to Sho's commercial. Hearing this. Kyoko spins around furious because it wasn't due to being overwhelmed by amazement but due to hate and anger however she can't say this. Sho looks up at her expectantly, eager for more praise. Putting on a different voice, Kyoko gives him the words he is looking for and feels disgusted at having to say them. But it is better to lie then to have him recognize her.

Sho is about to leave and Kyoko couldn't be gladder however Miya then calls out to her. Kyoko pretends not to hear but then Miya begins to say her surname 'Mogami'. Aghast Kyoko runs over quickly, losing her cap in the process and covers her mouth. Her and Sho's eyes meet and Kyoko thinks it's all over as she runs to get her cap. Miya asks doesn't she at least want a handshake for she won't get another chance like this. Glancing tentatively up Kyoko meets Sho's eyes again expecting him to say something mocking but Sho does not recognize her and shakes a nonplussed Kyoko's hand. Miya thanks Sho and bids him goodbye but Kyoko stops him by asking him if he really doesn't recognize her. Sho answers rather cruelly that he can't remember the faces of all his fans. He drives away leaving a tremendously upset Kyoko behind for she has been thinking about nothing but him since she dumped him. Has she even crossed his mind though? On the way back, Shoko, Sho's manager, muses that the girl actually did seem a little familiar somehow. Sho thinks that the unknown girl was different in that she said exactly what he wanted to hear, only Kyoko knew how to flatter him so well. But he eventually dismisses her as another fan with short dyed hair.

Fired up by the run-in with Sho, Kyoko goes home that day thinking about her constant dead-ends to show business, but her boss at Darumaya encourages her to bust them down. Determined Kyoko tries to get herself into L.M.E. again. To do so she has to infiltrate the building, get past the reception and make it to either Sawara or the President's office. She recalls that Ren came from a cordoned off hallway, which must be where the staff go. Jumping over the rope which says 'Staff Only', she accidentally bumps into Kamio (a famous actress), who presumes correctly that she must be the new member of the new section. Kyoko does not know what she is talking about and just agrees which results in Kyoko carrying her luggage.

She runs in to Sawara and Ren who are surprised to see her. The former is happy that she has finally turned up at LME, the latter not so much. Kyoko begs for another chance, saying she'll do anything. Sawara informs her that she is in, and she can start by carrying the luggage. Later, while carrying Kamio's bags, Ren offers his help, Kyoko accepts thinking she must have misjudged him. Ren starts explaining about the new section that would be created in L.M.E., the 'Love-Me' section.

This section is a group of people who have star potential but lack the X-factor. Kyoko thinks the name is hilarious and internally makes fun of it. In the end, Ren announces that Kyoko would be the first trainee, Kyoko is dumbfounded and embarrassed at being part of such a badly named section. She drops Kamio's bags in her shock causing Kamio gets angry with her, especially after seeing that Ren was helping her with the bags. In the end, Kyoko gets a penalty stamp, and inadvertently fails her first job as a Love-Me Member. Kyoko looks to Ren, for he offered to take the bags but he shrugs at her saying she should have refused as it was her job to do. Kyoko is absolutely furious with Ren for tricking her, stating that "He must hate me".

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Gas station customer
  3. Taisho
  4. Miya
  5. Ren Tsuruga
  6. Frightened mother & son on bridge
  7. Sho Fuwa
  8. Frightened man on bridge
  9. Taisho's wife
  10. Kyoko Apparitions
  11. Gas station male employee
  12. Shoko Aki
  13. Akatoki Agency van driver
  14. Naive Kyoko Mogami
  15. Takenori Sawara
  16. Lory Takarada
  17. LME receptionists
  18. LME employees
  19. Kimiko Kamio
  20. Yukihito Yashiro
  21. Skilled swordsman from Hungary


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