The Emotion She Lacks

The Emotion She Lacks
Episode 3 title card
Kanji 欠けてる気持ち
Rōmaji Kaketeru Kimochi
Episode Information
Air Date October 19, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Emotion She Lacks is the third episode of the Skip Beat! anime series.


It's Kyoko's turn on stage and she makes a great impression on the judges with her unique skill. However in the second audition her hatred overwhelms her causing her to be eliminated. After a talk with Sawara, Kyoko realizes that as an artiste she must want to be loved and want to love people back, however she knows that she has lost this essential emotion. She ponders and cries over this loss the whole night, and decides not to continue trying but the Boss at Darumaya challenges her decision.

Both Sawara and the President were taken with Kyoko and wish they could do more. The President then has an idea but Kyoko must return to LME on her own.

Episode Summary

As Kyoko shows brings out a traditional knife and radish upon entering the stage, the judges turn at her, fascinated. While on the other hand, Sawara panics. The other people auditioning on the backstage wonders what she is doing, particularly, Kanae Kotonami. The head from acting and singing section remarks they expected a lot from Kyoko since it was Sawara who picked her but they are disappointed since they believed she was just a fan of Sho Fuwa.

Kyoko gets a bit nervous before doing her special talent but she remembered that she borrowed the knife from the Darumaya owner so there's no way she'll fail. She introduces herself as "Number 61, Kyoko Mogami" and says that she'll be doing a 'daikon rose' which surprises everyone even more. As Kyoko starts doing her talent, everyone gets amazed at her fast movements. The acting section head even comments that only those who have mastered the Japanese cuisine would be able to do that so it is really incredible.

Kyoko overhears what they were saying and remarks that no one knows, but she has been learning that since she was younger. She learned it for the sake of Sho and to be liked by his parents who have been taking care of her for about a year back then. A flashback appeared where a young Kyoko overhears the Fuwa couple talking, they were saying how proud they are of her and it's amazing that she can even do Katsuramuki at a young age.

Kyoko was disappointed with what she did because rather than a rose, what she did turned out to be a cabbage. When she was done, everyone in the judges' panelists stood up and clapped for her. The acting and singing section heads say that what she did what great and what she showed has been the most interesting talent so far. Kyoko looks at the judges one by one and when she reached Sawara, he gave her a thumbs up for doing a good job.

Upon seeing the results, Kyoko gets happy because what she has been learning for Sho's sake has become useful for times like this. A flashback appears once again where Kyoko asks for the Darumaya Boss' knife, requesting it for the audition. Kyoko thinks that guts are definitely needed for showbiz but right at the thought, she remembered the harsh words Ren Tsuruga directed at her.

Before the next part of the auditions, Kanae approaches Kyoko. Kanae criticizes Kyoko's special talent, which Kyoko brushes off as her being jealous. Kanae tells her that it's not the case, because even if she did stood up and got the president's attention, she is just a mere weird animal. This pisses Kyoko off and before Kanae walked off, she boasted about how she'll be the top performer within the people auditioning and looking at Kyoko, she will probably fail. This pisses Kyoko off and absentmindedly walked to the next rounds of the audition.

The next part of the audition is a short reaction test whereas the people auditioning have to react to the phone call directed to them. Kyoko somehow ends up sitting next to Kanae and while the audition is starting, Kanae tells Kyoko that this is the point where the 'real LME audition starts'. The ones who don't get the president's attention will definitely fail. On the other hand, Sawara notices Lory's happy expression and hopes that it does last until the end.

When it was Kanae's turn to do the short reaction test, it impressed the judges greatly. She was able to do a great acting and even cry in a such short amount of time. Next was Kyoko's turn and Sawara thinks that Kyoko does not have to do as well as Kanae, but she just have to do it right.

As Kyoko heard the audio, she immediately remembered Sho because the one speaking on the phone call is somewhat of a jerk like Sho. It was a boy who was asking for forgiveness after doing so many wrongs. Kyoko's grudge aura immediately surrounded the place which made people nervous. However, when Kyoko answered that reaction test well with a smile, it impressed everyone, until she snapped.

Upon remembering Sho, Kyoko couldn't think properly so she even threw the phone and broke it. This surprised everyone and it evoked a disappointed look on the LME President's face. Upon entering the next rounds, Kyoko found out that she didn't make the cut. Kanae sees her and told her that her prediction was right all along.

Later on, Kyoko goes and sees Sawara. He predicted it so he is not surprised. The two of them talk at a coffee shop whereas Sawara explains the reason why lost the audition - she lacks the most important thing the LME president is looking for, which is love. Sawara asks her the meaning of love whereas Kyoko says that it is among the lines of "prelude to despair". Sawara says that the most important thing LME president always says is that someone should feel the need to be loved by audience and the need to love the audience.

As Sawara goes on about talking more about what happened, Kyoko's mind wander off at the things that have happened. She said that she has lost the emotion to love and how showbiz is kind of like serving at the Fuwa Inn. She remembered a flashback where Sho's mother asked her to always smile at the guests, no matter what. Kyoko cuts off Sawara on what he was saying and said she understood so she's going to go.

After Kyoko left, a little girl approached Sawara. She asked what happened to Number 61 in the audition, much to Kyoko's surprise.

Back at Darumaya, the customers ask for Kyoko. The Darumaya Owner's wife said that she has been really down while her husband said that it's just a little hurdle Kyoko would get eventually over soon. At Kyoko's room, Kyoko realized that everything she has been doing was always for Sho. She cries her heart out as she realized that she has lost the most important emotion a human person needs: love.

In LME, Lory looks curiously at Kyoko's profile. The scene switches to Darumaya again, Kyoko declares that she will be looking for a part-time job for daytime but the Darumaya owner asks her if she'll really give up on entering showbiz.

Back in LME, Lory calls in for Sawara and says that he has a plan for Kyoko and the preparations would be done soon bu it has to be Kyoko who has to return to LME in her own.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Lory Takarada
  2. Takenori Sawara
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Other contestants -stage right
  5. Number 46 (Kanae Kotonami)
  6. Gossipy contestants - stage left
  7. Nakazawa
  8. Matsushima
  9. Taisho
  10. Young Kyoko Mogami
  11. Sho's mother
  12. Sho's father
  13. Judge #5
  14. Sho Fuwa
  15. Taisho's wife
  16. Ren Tsuruga
  17. Announcer
  18. Kyoko Apparitions
  19. Maria Takarada
  20. Darumaya (restaurant) customers
  21. Shoko Aki
  22. Corn (item)


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