The Day the World Shattered
The Day the World Shattered
Episode 22 title card
Kanji 世界が壊れた日
Rōmaji Sekai ga Kowareta Nichi
Episode Information
Air Date March 8, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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The One Who Deserves to Be And the Trigger was Pulled

The Day the World Shattered is the twenty-second episode of the anime series.


Kyoko was given some time to think about her character, Mio, thanks to Ren. Ren also gives Kyoko a hint of why Mio would hate Mizuki but she still has a hard time understanding the cruel rich lady that she's playing. While talking with Ren's manager and thinking about the role, she finally discovers her Mio and runs off. (Yashiro tells Kyoko that Ren is in love with her, but Kyoko did not hear as she was busy thinking about the role).

Episode Summary

When asked to explain and carry out the essence of Mio, by the actress who played Mio 20 years ago, Kyoko was left speechless. With that, the old actress wants Kyoko out of the production. However, Ren steps in and asks the old actress to give Kyoko more time.

Ren tries to put Kyoko at ease, but Kyoko is still unable get a hold of the role. Facing the adversity of getting into character, Kyoko feels demoralized. However, all of a sudden, she realizes who Mio really is and notices what is missing in her performance. She leaves the filming scene immediately to do what she deems fit.

The old actress finds Kyoko's actions very unprofessional and again wants her out of the production. Ren defends her and expresses his belief in her. The Director, Ogata, also decides to believe in Kyoko.

After 3 hours of absence, Kyoko returns without her wig and with her hair dyed black. Instead of hiding her scar behind the long hair, she deliberately puts her hair behind the ears to show her scar. When Ren tries to talk to her, she ignores him.

It seems like Kyoko is no longer Kyoko. Kyoko is now Mio! The old actress is very angry with Kyoko's interpretation of Mio as it's very different from hers. Ogata also feels that her Mio is too intense. However, again, Ren speaks up for Kyoko and asks Ogata to see what her Mio is like before making a decision.

Reluctantly, the old actress gives Kyoko an acting test. Kyoko pulls off an amazing performance and convinces Ogata to accept her Mio!

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