The Date of Destiny
The Date of Destiny
Episode 17 title card
Kanji 運命のDATE
Rōmaji Unmei no DATE
Episode Information
Air Date February 1, 2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Date of Destiny is the seventeenth episode of the anime series.


Kyoko begins her first day as a high school student. She's excited to be a "normal high school girl," but later finds out that her high school rather abnormal since she's in the entertainment class where the students are celebrities. On her way to her working place, Kyoko overhears two female passersby talking about the Kyurara commercial and saying that the "short-haired one" (Kyoko) was "average" and "not cut out to be a celebrity," which reminds Kyoko of Sho. While upset about the passersby's comments, Kyoko receives a call from Ren, who is on the balcony above her.

Episode Summary

Kyoko passes her High School Entrance exams with flying colors and she finally gets to lead a 'normal' high school life. However, after a while, she realizes that her school life will not be so normal after all as all her classmates are aspiring actors/models.

One day, on her way to the studio after school, she sees her Kyurara advertisement on a big screen in the shopping district. Two girls comment that Kotonami is very pretty. Kyoko is delighted to hear that. However, they further comment that the girl with short hair (Kyoko) is very ordinary. Kyoko is very upset and angry to hear that.

When she reaches the studio, Ren calls her and they meet up. As Kyoko had fulfilled her duties as his acting manager very well and also successfully brought him to work on time on a bicycle, Ren gives her 100 points. His manager is wondering what causes the sudden change in his attitude towards Kyoko. However, in the end, Ren subtracts 10 points as he seems slightly unhappy to hear that Kyoko is only caring for him out of duty.

Meanwhile, Sho sees the Kyurara advertisement and he highly suspects that the short hair gal is the Kyoko he knows. He finds it interesting and wants to verify it. When Kyoko is back at LME, she receives a shocking news from Sawara. Sho wants to hire her to act in his promo video for his new single. Kyoko obviously rejects strongly. However, after talking to Kotonami, who has been offered a role in a drama and is willing to use anyone as a stepping stone to success, Kyoko changes her mind and takes up Sho's offer. Her aim is to use him as her stepping stone to success.

The day has come. Kyoko makes her way to Queen Record to film Sho's promo video. After 30 minutes of waiting in a room, Kyoko gets impatient and irritated. When she opens the door and is about to leave the room, she sees Sho. It turns out that Kyoko was brought to the wrong room so Sho comes to fetch her. At that instant, Kyoko's 'little devils' decide not to reveal Kyoko's real identity to him. To Sho's surprise, Kyoko is acting like a crazy fangirl and not the Kyoko he knows. On their way to the meeting room, Kyoko bumps into the main producer of the promo video. She's a beautiful lady and Sho flirts with her the moment he sees her. At that moment, Kyoko's hatred for him doubled!

When they reach the meeting room, a pretty girl called Mimori Nanokura, who will also be acting in the promo video, clings onto Sho. Watching her, Kyoko feels like she's watching her past. The main producer reveals the story-line and Kyoko immediately volunteers to be the evil angel, who will kill the devil (Sho). After the roles are decided, they eat bento lunch. Mimori makes bento for Sho. Though Sho seems unappreciative, he decides to eat it anyway. Sho eats the omelet first and to his horror, the omelet is sweet. Mimori does not know that Sho hates sweet omelet. Just when Sho is about to spit it out, Kyoko pushes a packet of salt to him. With that, they look at each other.

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