The Battle Girls
The Battle Girls
Episode 13 title card
Kanji バトルガール
Rōmaji Batoru Gāru
Episode Information
Air Date January 11, 2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Battle Girls is the thirteenth episode of the anime series.


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Episode Summary

The mysterious man is revealed to be the director of the commercial, and is apparently moved by their discussion. When Erika attempts to have her associates buy her way through the audition, the director makes the connection that the two others were talking about and Erika, and refuses the bribery. Unable to buy her way in, Erika insists Kyoko and Kanae not to have any discussions about the audition (being from the same company, they would have better rapport than others who just met) when the director decided that the next stage, along with the actual commercial, will have two girls in it.

However, they manage to pass the first test with just one line within the 60-second time frame and without any practice, unlike all other pairings, who had 20 minutes of preparation. In the second test, Kyoko's idea for the act is stolen by Erika (who manage to pull it off first, as she overheard Kyoko deciding). Kyoko stands horrified, wondering whether they would be able to pass the audition, while both Moko and the director realize that Erika stole Kyoko's idea, and they ponder separately what will happen.

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