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Takenori Sawara
Takenori Sawara
Live-action - Anime

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Kanji 椹 武憲
Rōmaji Sawara Takenori
Live-action Name Executive Shen Deyuan (椹德元)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 41
Birthday March 10th
Relatives Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Daughter
Occupation Head of the Talent Division at LME
Manga ACT.002
Anime Feast of Horror
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 2 (Live-action)
Seiyū Hamada Kenji
English Voice Actor Keith Silverstein
Live Action Actor Charge Pu

Takenori Sawara (椹 武憲 Sawara Takenori) is the head of the Talent Division at LME, and is the de factor manager for the Love Me Section, a special group that LME President Lory Takarada created in the Talent Division in order to help emotionally damaged actors and actresses with great talent.


Sawara has a wife and a daughter and they all live together in a double story house.


He is semi-constant in the plot, being Kyoko's de facto manager, so he handles all her roles and most of her LoveMe assignments.

Sawara is a major character at the beginning of the plot, when he acts as Kyoko's way into LME, getting her audition papers and even coaching her a little on what to expect. Not an arc, per se, but close enough to warrant mention.

He was plagued by Kyoko when she first attempted to join LME, then took pity on her and allowed her to audition. Later on, he seemed to wish for her success. Later, when she failed, he explained to her why she didn't make the cut. When Lory creates the Love Me section for Kyoko and Kanae, he is placed in charge of it, to his chagrin.

Sawara encourage Kyoko to take roles, since she has been typecast as a villain and would much rather be a princess. He is tolerant of the LoveMe girls and their shenanigans, as well as of Lory and his granddaughter, all of whom are very strong personalities.


Maria Takarada

Maria and Sawara.

Maria and Sawara seems to have a pretty good relationship, Maria told Sawara that she was interested in Kyoko Mogami when she auditioned at LME. Sawara is also shown to care for Maria as he also asked Kyoko to try to help Maria overcome her guilt complex. Sawara also keeps a picture of him and Maria on his phone.


  • The name Takenori means "military, martial" (武) (take) and "law" (憲) (nori).
  • Takenori's surname Sawara means "Japanese cypress, sawara cypress" (椹).


  • His live-action actor is Charge Pu, who is a comedian.


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