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Taisho's wife

Taisho's wife
Okami-san in the manga.png
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late 40's
Status Alive
Relatives Taisho (Husband)
Occupation Serves at Darumaya
Manga ACT.001
Anime And the Box Was Opened
Live-action Episode 1 (Live-action)
Live Action Actor Ge Lei

Taisho's wife helps out on Darumaya. She, along with her husband, are Kyoko's landlords.


She is shown to be very kind. She encourages Kyoko and helps her in any way she possibly can.


She has a short black hair that is usually on a ponytail. Taisho's Wife is usually seen wearing a kimono, as the Darumaya restaurant serves Traditional Japanese food with Traditional Japanese aura surrounding the restaurant. The restaurant is very similar to the Fuwa Inn, where Kyoko grew up with Sho.


She only has Taisho as her only family. It is not mentioned if they have any kids but they treat Kyoko just like their own child.


Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko calls her "Okami-san". She and her husband came to Kyoko and Maria's Grateful Party, proving that Kyoko is very grateful of two of them. Her and her husband are close enough to Kyoko as they know her birthday, they gave Kyoko new shoes for her birthday, which Kyoko used for her role, Natsu, in the drama, Box "R".


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  • (to Kyoko Mogami about working 3 jobs and never taking time for herself) Kyoko, I don't know what's going on with you, but... coming to Tokyo right after you graduated from junior high and working all day, not even going to senior high...there's something wrong. A young girl, working her tail off every day... You look even worse today, but you always look pretty bad when you get here. Don't you want to dress up like other girls your age?[1]
  • (thinking to herself) Falling in love is silly? She's barren like a desert... why would falling in love be a stupid thing to do? I wonder if this is normal for a teenage girl.[2]


  • Hers and her husband's names are still unknown, even though they appeared in the first episodes of every adaption of the Skip Beat! series.


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