Chiori's co-star
Kanji 太一郎
Rōmaji Taichirou
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late teens or early 20's
Status Alive
Occupation Variety talent
Manga ACT.219

Taichirou (太一郎 Taichirou) is a talent that is one of Chiori Amamiya's co-stars in the popular variety show, This Show Will Really Make You Feel Good.


He seems to take pride in his job as a comedian/variety talent performer so he was blunt to Chiori when he thought that she was only going to work because the president in her agency considered her as their biggest moneymaker.


When he was first seen, he had a black spiky hair with dark-colored eyes. He was also seen with a slender and tall figure. He was wearing a long sleeve that was covered with a hoodie when Chiori greeted him and two other co-stars.


Nothing much is known about his background.


Saena's arc

The cast amused at Chiori

Him with two other boys.

At first glance at Chiori walking with Kyoko, he immediately thought that the uniform they were wearing was strange.[1]

Later on, like the two other boys next to him, he seemed amused and shocked when Chiori formally bows and greets them. He greets her back but then asked what is with her strange outfit. When Chiori stated that it is her "battle uniform", he asked "Battle?"[2]

When Chiori tells him the real reason about her uniform, he and his companions seemed shocked. She then asked him to guide her. Then, while pulling a chair and sitting down, he says that even if she says that, her neck doesn't, it shows that is is still injured due the the bandage covering it.[3]

Chiori started to remove her bandage but then he stopped her. He says that it would unable her to do her other work smoothly and he doesn't want her to blame him if that happens. Chiori says that it's not a big difference at all so he shouldn't worry.

He smirks at her

Him smirking at Chiori.

He then says he's not worrying, but it's just she's injured so she is bandaged. He told her to cover the bandage with maybe a scarf. Chiori says that she'll go buy one quickly but then Kyoko steps ahead and said she'll take care of that.[4]

Then, he seems surprised at the presence of Kyoko and asked her who she is. Kyoko replies that she will be Chiori's substitute manager for the day.[5]

Taichorou is by the door of the meeting room, waiting for Chiori. Taichorou tells her that about that neck injury, he heard that she got it from the high speed highway accident. This morning, upon entering the company, he heard it from the producer.[6]

Chiori and him have a chat

Chiori is surprised. He says that it seems that her company's president had called. The president said that because she is injured, they mustn’t make things difficult for her. He was crying and telling them that she is their money tree.

Taichorou says that he thought that as usual, Chiori obviously wouldn't accept a comedic work. Just doing some simple work and depending on cuteness that she is able to get a reward, a wretched actress, and they have to Chiori and her co-star talking properly love and protect her. Pretending to act strong, yet cannot even do it, then get out of the business.[7]

To her surprise, Taichorou says that is what he was thinking before he opened the door. "I have changed my point of view. But, during the recording if for a spit-second, you show an expression of 'I'm obviously an actress', then I'll.." Chiori tells him that she won't let him say something like 'salary thief'-whatever. "I won't give you another opportunity to say that again." He smirks at her and Taichorou says very good.[8]


Chiori Amamiya

Taichirou is aware of Chiori's reluctant attitude towards the variety show they are doing. When Chiori got back from being involved in a traffic accident, it was revealed that Taichirou called Chiori something like "pay-thief" because she pulled a disinterested face or as Taichirou puts it, an "Even though I'm an actress face". More so, she implied that she is a "pay-thief" because she gets her fee just by being cute, but not actually as a variety show
Tai and amamiya
talent. Taichirou seems to take passion in the variety work he is doing so he mocks Chiori for not taking it seriously and he finds it absurd for the president of Chiori's agency to request that Chiori should not do any kind of hard work just because she was involved in an accident. Due to his constant blunt remarks towards Chiori, she has been planning to put him in her poison notebook, even noting that he should drink poison like viper.

However, Taichirou seemed impressed when Chiori implied that she will take the variety show more seriously because she would not allow him to call her as "pay-thief" again.

Only noticed kyo

Kyoko Mogami

They do not have much interaction but Taichirou was surprised to see another person to have the same strange uniform (the Love Me uniform) with Chiori. In fact, Kyoko was with Chiori the whole time she was talking to Taichirou but he never noticed her presence until the moment Kyoko came up to Chiori. Kyoko noticed that Taichirou must have only noticed her by then, and so, she introduced herself as someone from LME as Chiori's substitute manager and being the 'No. 1 Love Me Member'.


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  • (teasing Chiori Amamiya) A damn actress who can only do soft jobs that usually can't get a single laugh, but draws a fee with just cuteness, she's lucky to be protected, you know!!!
  • (to Chiori Amamiya, after declaring her determination) Excellent.


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