Softhat President
Softhat president checking on chiori
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Softhat President
Manga ACT.218

Softhat President is the president of a small agency called Softhat, the agency Chiori Amamiya comes from. When Chiori joined the Love Me Section, he even negotiated with LME to let Chiori stay in his agency because she is their apparent "biggest money maker".[1]


When he was seen talking to the Director Anna and Chiori's mother, he seems to be just easy-going. He also seems to be carefree in his job and constantly worries about the earnings of his company.


When he made his first appearance, he was seen with dark-colored curly hair and was wearing a black business suit. His eyes were covered with sunglasses. He is described to look like an underworld ojisan by Kyoko.[2]


Nothing much is known about his background.


Saena's arc

Chiori's mother with the director and softhat president
He was seen running in the hospital and worriedly asks if Chiori was okay. He and Chiori talk and he starts to cry because Chiori encountered such a scary experience, so he said that there is no need for her to work for the day even if she didn't receive that much physical injuries.

He then said this matter to Director Anna, but Director Anna said that the studio could be only used that day only. He then said that he'll think of some way to resolve it and handle it.[3]

Then, Kyoko pulls Director's arm and says she will do something about the issue. Director Anna then what Kyoko just said to him to the Sofhat President and was shocked after learning that Kyoko was the one is who is playing Natsu from Director Anna.[4]


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