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This policy is about the naming of the Skip Beat! Wiki articles.


This wiki uses VizMedia's on naming characters. For example, instead of "Mogami Kyoko" it would be "Kyoko Mogami"

This wiki also list all the versions of a name. English, Kanji, Romaji, Hanzi and aliases are listed in their article, and all of those, as well as some misspellings or shortened names are redirected.


In articles we refer to the character by a single primary name, aliases are not used unless relevant to the context of the paragraph. (For example, this wiki uses "Ren" not "Tsuruga-san", "Juliena" not "Julie")


In addition to that, the wiki also uses the characters' stage name on the projects they appear on to maintain the in-universe structure. For example, in the Dark Moon article, instead of "Kyoko Mogami as Mio" it would be "Kyoko as Mio" because that is her stage name.

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