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Blocking is the method by which administrators may technically prevent users from editing Skip Beat! Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption, not to punish users.

Blocks sometimes are used as a deterrent, to discourage whatever behavior led to the block and encourage a productive editing environment.

Reasons for Blocking

Accounts and addresses may be blocked for:

  • Persistent spamming.
  • Persistently violating other policies or guidelines.
  • Persistent vandalism (Though obvious blatant vandalism warrants a immediate block, such as removing page content for no reason or removing references for no reason)
  • Persistent harassment.
  • Violating one of the policies multiple times.

Block Process

Inserting Vandalism

Here are the process when one inserts a vandalism (such as removing all contents or inserting gibberish) on articles.

  • 1st Offense = Warning
  • 2nd Offense = 1 week block
  • 3rd Offense = 3 months - 1 year block