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Skip Beat! Wiki is the database where you could find everything about the Skip Beat! series created by Yoshiki Nakamura. The wiki currently has 42,523 edits on over 826 articles. Please help us by updating the existing articles or creating new ones.

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The story revolves around girl named Kyoko Mogami who went with her childhood friend, Sho Fuwa, to Tokyo in order to pursue his dream of becoming an idol. Kyoko supported Sho by working three jobs at once every day but it stopped when Kyoko overheard Sho saying that he only took her to Tokyo to use her as a maid. Furious, Kyoko joins LME, the agency where Ren Tsuruga (who is Sho's one-sided rival and the number one actor in Japan) works, in hopes of achieving her goal on getting revenge on Sho. Along the way, she learns to discover herself, encounter different people and situations she never expected to be in.
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ACT.269 - Unexpected Results -The Day Itself-

Ren have admitted that the way he talked to Kyoko was quite immature. On the other hand, Kyoko overhears two girls talking about silent treatment and contemplates if she should do the same to Ren. However, when she saw Ren's missed call, it was common sense that overpowered Kyoko's decision. The next day, a tabloid comes out with a scoop about Ren's lover.

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This diagram is from the Hana to Yume Offcial Website

Ren TsurugaSho FuwaKyoko MogamiLory TakaradaKanae KotonamiEnglish Diagram New.png
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This diagram is from the Hana to Yume Offcial Website

Ren TsurugaSho FuwaKyoko MogamiLory TakaradaKanae KotonamiJapanese Diagram.png
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Hiromune Koga (古賀 弘致 Koga Hiromune) is a popular male actor. He is currently starring as the wandering samurai, Shizuma Sakanoe, in the period drama A Lotus in the Mud. Hiromune is an easy-going person with a more flexible way of thinking than his co-judges at the Momiji auditions.

He doesn't mind having a laugh at their expense, like when he sneered at Kimiko's attempt to glide like a ninja, which came off rather silly. Hiromune is also very friendly, as seen when he approached Kyoko easily right after the second part of the audition ended.

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Volume 39 is officially translated in English through VizMedia
Limited-edition Drama CD is still available through CD Japan.
Anime English Dub are currently being shipped by Pied Piper

These are the events to be looked out for November-December 2017.

November 12 - Ivy Chen (Kyoko Mogami)'s Birthday

November 20 - Chapter 253 Release in Japan

December 18 - Marks as the 5th year since the live-action started airing

December 20 - Chapter 254 Release in Japan

December 24 - Maria Takarada's Birthday

December 25 - Kyoko Mogami's Birthday
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Even I was totally duped. Ren would never notice her feelings since he wouldn't understand the subtleties of a maiden in love. I find this promising. I don't want Ren to realize her feelings for him yet. Nothing is more miserable than a doggy that can't eat even when the meal is meant for him.

- Lory on finding out that Ren and Kyoko loves each other

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