Sin like an Angel
Sin like an Angel
Episode 18 title card
Kanji 罪は天使のように
Rōmaji Tsumi wa Tenshi no Youni
Episode Information
Air Date February 8,2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Sin like an Angel is the eighteenth episode of the anime series.


The previous episode ends off with Kyoko passing a packet of salt to Sho. With that, Sho is 100% sure that this Kyoko is his childhood friend and he vows to make her reveal her real identity.

Episode Summary

After Kyoko flicks a packet of salt to Sho, who intended to throw away a sweet egg roll because he dislikes sweet stuff, she begins to stress out and regret her actions as she believed she may have revealed her true identity to him. Sho begins to suspect 'Kyoko' is in fact the 'Kyoko Mogami' that he had known since childhood. He recalls an incident sometime ago involving Kyoko staring at a cosmetic item in a store that she liked and had given a name for. He uses this cosmetic that he has picked up and successfully reveals Kyoko's identity by luring her to recall the name that she had once given to this item (a name that only the two of them know).

Having revealed her identity, Sho decides not to fire Kyoko from the filming because of his egotistic personality and his desire to see how far Kyoko can 'surprise him'. Kyoko replies that Sho will soon regret that he didn't fire her from the set. After her reappearance onto the set having put on her costumes and completed her make-up, Sho is shocked and speechless at the dramatic change in Kyoko's appearance.

Meanwhile, at a different location, Yashiro is still pondering on Ren's suspicious actions of subtracting 10 points from Kyoko's stamp album. Yashiro describes Ren as always keen and sharp-minded, which makes Ren's excuse that he 'accidentally' gave an incorrect stamp ironic. Yashiro deduces that it was because Ren had felt jealous after he heard Kyoko's reason for her hard efforts as Ren's replacement manager, saying that it was to fulfill her responsibilities as a 'Love-Me' member, rather than wholeheartedly wanting the best for Ren. However, Ren denies this argument by saying that the deduction in points was only because he felt Kyoko did not fully understand her responsibilities as a 'Love-Me' member, which had nothing to do with his personal feelings towards Kyoko.

Back at the studio as the filming begins, Sho observes Kyoko's personality and acting skills, and thinks to himself that she is no longer the 'Kyoko Mogami' that he once knew, but has now regarded her as a rival or even a potential threat to his career. Meanwhile, Mimori is jealous of Kyoko's previous relationship with Sho and is making her work with Kyoko difficult because of her hatred.

But her feelings towards Kyoko soon disappear after the filming started, because of Kyoko's captivating acting skills that draws others into the situation and make them respond appropriately. Asami notices Sho's staring at Kyoko and warns him not to become captivated by Kyoko's acting skills just as Mimori has become, and Sho thinks to himself that Kyoko intends to 'eat him alive' with her skills.

When it was finally time for Kyoko to begin shooting her scenes with Sho (angel killing the devil scene), Kyoko finds it hard to restrain her anger and desires to kill Sho for real, that she overdoes her part and retakes a few times. This leads to the progression of the filming being slowed down and while being given a break to recollect herself, Sho mocks Kyoko's 'incompetent' acting skills and her inability to 'surprise' him further other than her change in appearance.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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