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Sho Fuwa
Kanji 不破 尚
Rōmaji Fuwa Shō
Real Name 不破 松太郎 Fuwa Shōtarō
Stage Name Fuwa Shō
Live-action Name Bu Po Shang (不破尚)
Shang Jie Yong (尚介勇)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16 (Start of Year 1)
17(End of Year 1)[1]
Birthday May 29th[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Status Alive
Relatives Yayoi Fuwa[2] (Mother)
Kenichi Katagiri (Uncle)
Occupation Musician/Singer
Company Akatoki Agency
Manga ACT.001
Anime And the Box Was Opened
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 1
Drama CD Voice Actor Kanna Nobutoshi
Seiyū Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor Grant George
Live Action Actor Lee Donghae

Sho Fuwa (不破尚 (ふわ しょう) Fuwa Shō) is one of the best musicians in Japan who keeps his real name Shotaro (松太郎) a secret because he finds it very old-fashioned and traditional.[3]

Sho had no qualms about tricking Kyoko Mogami into going with him to Tokyo so she could act as a servant for him and support him monetarily while he made a name for himself in showbiz.[4] He had even less qualms about being extremely cruel to her when she discovered this. Sho eventually figured out that Kyoko was signed up with LME and was surprised to see her transformation in her roles.[5]


Though his attitude leans toward a general possessiveness for Kyoko, who had been his constant companion and servant since childhood, he considers her to be the one that understands him the best.[6]

Later on, Sho begins to show a kinder side to her and hints that he has real feelings as opposed to just possessive feelings. When Sho was only 6 years old, he is shown to be quite mature, understanding the way Saena treats Kyoko without Kyoko telling him. This is the reason he doesn't know how to console Kyoko when she cries, because he is fortunate enough to have his parents' love.[7]

Sho gives flowers to Kyoko...

Sho originally disliked Ren because he was Japan's most desirable man, and thus Sho's direct competition. Sho declares that he will steal all of Ren's fans along with his title. When he finds out that Ren is in love with Kyoko[8], he's enraged. Sho thinks of Ren as his main rival and is extremely petty when they meet, even going as far as to pick a fight with him.[9]

Sho is also a big flirt[10] and can be very shallow. He likes women with big breasts and prefers older women because they are less demanding.

Despite his nature, Sho's talent as a singer is in fact, quite good. Sho's original songs, attracted many fans as well as his looks but that did not stop his fans from quickly falling in love with the band Vie Ghoul.

It is then revealed that Sho could be easily surpassed, as his fans have left him for a band that produces the same music that he does. Due to this, Sho was deeply troubled. With an unintended lecture from Kyoko, Sho realizes the deep feelings he has had for the situation and decides to put his heart into his singing.

Kyoko commented that Sho's new songs have a deep emotion within them[11]. His new music consistently places No.1 on the Oricon chart, creating a legend of dominance[12] that devastates her.[13] He has gone so far as being 'untouchable' by the Vie Ghoul, as their spy had stopped stealing Sho's lyrics due to new found respect and the requirements Sho imposes on the studio staff.


Sho has a slim body and strong build. He has icy blue eyes with natural blonde hair. However, in the anime adaption, Sho has steel gray eyes with dark brown hair when he was younger and is assumed to have dyed his hair blonde.

Physical Description
Height 178 cm (5'10")[1]
181 cm (5"11)[14]
Weight 66.80 kg[15]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde (Originally brown in the live-action series)

Sho is pretty tall for a Japanese boy his age, being 178 cm tall. He is a visual kei artist, so he usually wears clothes that match or are suitable for his 'cool character'.

Sho wears a black leather jacket over a t-shirt when he does guest star appearances. When disguising himself to avoid paparazzi and fans, such as when he ambushed Kyoko in school, he wears a large coat over his outfit and a cap hiding his face.[16]

When Ruto pretended to be his stalker in order to avoid him from finding where Kyoko went, he noticed that Sho grew a lot from the last time he saw him. His weight apparently increased and he got taller as well, his new height being 181 cm.


Sho's parents own an old, traditional Japanese inn chain, whose main branch is in Kyoto. Sho grew up as an only child. Kyoko lived with his family ever since her mom has left her under their care.[17]

Because of this, they had been childhood friends. His parents wanted him to someday marry a nice girl (which Kyoko later suspects to be herself) and take over the inn. Sho wanted a more exciting life, and dreamed of becoming a a star and making a fortune in the Japanese music industry. Therefore, he decided to move to Tokyo.

When Sho graduated from middle school, he asked Kyoko to join him.[18] His real reason for this was so that he could get his expensive apartment paid for by Kyoko, and to have Kyoko serve him as a maid. Kyoko did not realize this since she was delighted that Sho had only picked her and sincerely wanted Sho's dreams to come true. When Kyoko finds out that she was tricked by Sho, she resolves to get revenge against him in the showbiz world.[19]


Information below are from Skip Beat! Fanbook - Love Me!

Year 1

4/5 Sho1.png

Year 2

4/5 Sho2.png


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Image Name What they call Sho What Sho calls them
KM - Thumb.png Kyoko Mogami

Sho (when serious)
Bastard #1 (when mad)
Sho-chan (used to)
Fuwa-chi (once)

Shape-shifting Demon[20]
Plain, Boring Woman (to annoy Kyoko)

RT - Thumb.jpg Ren Tsuruga

Show off boy

Pretty-boy face

Image Name What they call Sho What Sho calls them
LT - Thumb.png Lory Takarada Fuwa ???
YY - Thumb.png Yashiro Yukihito Fuwa Glasses guy[21]

Image Name What they call Sho What Sho calls them
KK - Thumb.jpg Kanae Kotonami That guy ???
HI - Thumb.png Hikaru Ishibashi Fuwa-kun ???
SI - Thumb.png Shinichi Ishibashi Fuwa-kun ???
YI - Thumb.png Yuusei Ishibashi Fuwa-kun ???

Image Name What they call Sho What Sho calls them
Nanokurathumb.png Mimori Nanokura Sho-chan Pochiri
Akithumb.png Shoko Aki Sho Shoko-san


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  • (talking to Kyoko Mogami) You think I can't compete against Ren Tsuruga at all at this point?! . . . I want to run neck and neck with that guy now![22]
  • (to Kyoko Mogami) Each day my fame is increasing. I'm going to become someone completely out of the reach of an ordinary, insignificant person like you . . . If you want your so-called "revenge" join the business. [23]
  • (talking to himself) She came to have her revenge! Yet I couldn't take my eyes off her! I was amazed! I feel like I've lost! I can't forgive myself![24]
  • (referring to Kyoko Mogami) I've seen her cry like this before. She cried like this when she's suffering and suffering and can't bear it! She's crying for real![25]
  • (thinking about Kyoko's mother reaching out to her) I can't totally throw away hope. She found her missing daughter. So I thought even Saena might... but reality was cruel.[26]


  • The name Sho means "still/more/still more, furthermore, yet" (尚).
    • His real name Shotaro means "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (sho), "thick, big, great" (太) (ta) and "son" (郎) (ro).
  • Sho's surname Fuwa means "unlucky, negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy" (不) (fu) and "rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate" (破) (wa).


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