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Setsuka Heel
Setsuka Heel
Kyoko as Setsu Heel.png
Kanji 雪花 ヒール
Rōmaji Hīru Setsuka
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Kyoko Mogami

Setsuka Heel is Cain Heel's younger sister that is portrayed by Kyoko Mogami. Setsuka's character is initially created to be a "lucky charm" to her brother, Cain Heel[1]. But as it progressed, she became a supporting character in Cain Heel's life. 


Violence Mission arc

Lory Takarada initially gave Kyoko a Love Me Task that is something "dangerous". Kyoko's actual task was to pick up someone from the airport, which turns out to be Cain Heel[2]. But at first glance, Kyoko saw through Cain as Ren because of their similar body propotions[2]. Kyoko asked Cain if he was Ren, but Cain stepped over her shoulder and walked away[3].

After the scene, Kyoko did not move from her place for about 15 minutes[3]. She walked around and had a depressed expression because she thought that Cain Heel and Ren were really the same person[3]. As she walked around, Cain Heel grabbed her from a corner and confessed that he was actually Ren and he was on a "top-secret mission"[4].

Cain and Kyoko went to LME to consult Lory. Lory asked Kyoko if he could do him another job, to be Cain Heel's "lucky charm"[5]. Instantly, Kyoko and Ren both assume its because of his eating habits[6]. Kyoko, who is very strict about Ren's eating, gladly accepted[6]. Lory called Jelly Woods to take Kyoko away and transform her into Setsuka Heel. 

While waiting, Lory asked Ren why did he tell Kyoko that he was Cain Heel. Ren told him he didn't, Kyoko saw through it with one glance[7]. Lory is then quite surprised for recognizing Cain Heel as Ren is no ordinary feat. He then told Ren that maybe Kyoko is attracted to him, which Ren refused to believe[7]. He's still amazed and scared at how Kyoko managed to recognize him, from his bones seriously[7]! Lory thinks the very fact she has such precise details on Ren hints at something more but keeps these thoughts to himself.  

After waiting, Jelly Woods presented the newborn Setsuka Heel; the younger sister of Cain Heel with an extreme brother complex to him[8]. The Heel siblings are "born," as Lory Takarada puts it[8]. When Kyoko is done with her makeover she is really embarrassed to come out in front of Ren and Lory[8]. Jelly manages to convince Kyoko to reveal herself. When she does come out of hiding Ren is stunned speechless at how she has changed and can't say anything at first[8]

Lory gives instructions to Setsu, saying that it would not be wise to leave her brother alone[8]. Ren states that Lory doesn't need to worry about him not eating because as Cain Heel he will order take out anytime he wants[6]. Kyoko calls that one of his most unconvincing lines ever, and that Cain Heel cares less for his health then Tsuruga does. Setsu declares that she will take full responsibility for her brother[9].

Lory gives Setsu a hotel card key and sends the two of them to live in a hotel room together. After arriving with the key, the two are directed to a double room. Cain says to Setsu that he is appalled at the fact that there is only one bed in their hotel room[10]. Setsu hasn't quite lost Kyoko's personality yet as she tries to come up with ways to avoid the situation[10]. Cain reminds her about her profile as Setsu; Setsu would like to even sleep in the same bed as Cain, so as not to be apart from him[10]. The hotel workers return, apologetic for having made a mistake, and redirect the Heel siblings to a twin single.

The hotel workers sincerely apologize for messing up their room and try to continue to apologize by giving Setsu coupons to the hotel store. Setsu politely refuses to take the coupons but is eventually forced to accept. Setsu thinks to herself that the workers must have been terrified of her brother because of how much they were cowering and twitching in front of her. The gifts are too much for her to handle and after she and Cain are alone she accidentally drops them. Setsu's type of clothing reveals most of her cleavage when she kneels to pick them up[10]. Cain stands up in front of her and looks at her before grabbing her hand and dragging her out of the hotel by force. As Cain drags her across the street Setsu asks, "Where are we going?" but gets no response[10].

She becomes angry and gradually stops walking and has an irritated expression on her face as she holds Cain's hand. Setsu tells Cain that her feet hurt and that he is walking too fast for her. It is the first moment that Setsuka Heel's real self comes out[11]. Ren's eyes flicker to the side though, and it's in that instant that Kyoko flashes back to the Dark Moon acting game where he called an NG on her. Why did she flash back to that? Was her Setsu not up to scratch? Cain apologizes and tells Setsu that the stores are about to close and that they need to hurry. Kyoko feels like she just scraped through with a pass and is determined to do better[11]. At the store she learns to act and like being spoilt by Cain. Setsu taunts him at the store into agreeing to buy her something extravagant that she doesn't really want. Her bluff is called. Cain doesn't buy the costume, but does proceed to excessively buy her clothing.

When Setsu realized how much she sends him back into the store to return the extra. While she waits, a group of guys come up and ask her if she wants to come with him. Setsu agrees, but they need to get Cain's permission first[11].

Cain and the men get into a fight, with Cain clearly coming out the winner but the situation becomes dangerous[12]. The protective level at which Setsu needs to be there for her brother is now evident. She has to indulge her brother when he gets violent toward others but she also needs to be there to make sure that inside Cain doesn't escalate into something—or someone—else.

Dark Breath arc

The obsessiveness that they have for each other reaches a peak when Setsu's phone rings with an unknown number[13]. Cain throws her onto the bed and threatens her, but Setsu takes over and turns the tables on him[14]. She accuses him of pointless jealousy and engages in some flirtation and escalated skinship that includes giving him a hickey[15][16]. She requires instruction, however, since she's new at that sort of thing[16]. When Cain offers to show her on her own skin how to do it correctly her own jealousy makes her refuse him and threaten to leave and go find someone to bring her up to the same level of experience as her brother apparently has with other girls. Cain won't let her leave, even after she admits to only bluffing[16].

The next day, they skip work to go on a relationship-affirming date throughout the city[17]. Cain is tamed enough after all this that Setsu is free to hide from the sun in their hotel room without having to chaperone him on the set.



Nothing much is known about her background except having a brother who is famous actor from England and that she is of both Japanese and English descent. She can speak both English and Japanese fluently.


Setsu is Cain Heel's sister and she appears to mostly glare at people, and is described as a poison spider lily. She is very caring and possessive towards her brother and shows no emotion towards others.  


As Setsuka, Kyoko wears a long strawberry blonde wig, with clothes that are usually red or black strictly. They are also very revealing. She also has a chain piercing that connects her lip to her ear. She is always wearing jewelry and some type of accessory around her neck and hands. Her look is more of a "punk" type, and contains many metal accessories in them.


Cain Heel

Setsuka and her brother have a co-dependent obsessive relationship[18]. There's mutual devotion and attraction that can threaten to spiral out of control, but a level of mystery needs to be always preserved. The sight of the two of them together would lead people to conclude that they are a couple, but those who know them to be siblings find the relationship unhealthy and off-putting[19].


Setsuka finds Manaka to be incredibly annoying and almost unbelievable in her faith that Cain is the same personality as a manga character. Manaka's persistence makes Setsuka feel she needs to remind everyone that her claim on Cain has already been staked. Her brother is hers alone.

Taira Murasame

Setsuka is tolerant of Murasame's initial flirtation and attempt to get information out of her. Setsuka usually dismisses Murasame as an annoyance to her brother. His constant fighting with her brother doesn't bother at all as she knows a little violence is entertaining for Cain. Setsuka will have a conversation with Murasame, which is more than can be said for most of the Tragic Marker cast and crew, but ultimately he doesn't really rate her notice. She often interprets things for Murasame that her brother says such as when her brother says "I pity you" to him[20]. She tells him it means he is incapable of understanding things unless they are spelled out to him, thus his brain is like emmental cheese basically it's full of holes[21].


Of the Heel Siblings, Setsuka is the most responsive thus Konoe often speaks to her rather than Cain. Setsuka probably only sees him as the director of her brother's movie and therefore the person restricting her time with him. She's more than a little annoyed when he calls her while they are on their 'date' to remind them that they are over two hours late for the Tragic Marker shoot[17].


Konoe, the director of Tragic Marker, who really knew of the Heel siblings, failed to recognize Setsuka as being played by the same actress who played Mio, until both Ren and Kyoko explained it to him. Almost all the cast and crew believed her to be a foreigner.


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