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Seiji Shingai

Seiji Shingai
Live-action - Anime

Director of Ring Doh.png

Kanji 新開 誠士
Rōmaji Shingai Seiji
Live-action Name Director Xin Huan (新垣導演)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 34[1]
Status Alive
Occupation Director
Manga ACT.009
Anime The Danger Zone
Live-action Episode 4 (Live-action)
Seiyū Hirofumi Nojima (Japanese)
Yeong Jae Pyo (Korean)
English Voice Actor Todd Haberkorn
Live Action Actor Ko Yu-luen

Seiji Shingai (新開 誠士, Shingai Seiji) is very particular about his works and has directed many well-known good movies. He is fairly young and a famous director.


He is very serious towards his work and aims for perfection in it. He is not afraid to risk other people's health if the result is to make his projects work properly, such as when he used Kyoko just to get Ruriko back on track while they were filming Ring-Doh.


He has black hair with grey eyes. He wears a formal suit while directing.


Nothing much is known about his background, but it was mentioned that he creates movies that are complex and full of his genius and attention to detail.


Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Seiji claims himself to be "Takarada clan" member #2 while Ruriko's manager and Ren are "Takarada clan" members #1 and #3 in fixing Ruriko's bad habits.

He is the director of the movie starring Ren Tsuruga and Ruriko Matsunai, Ring-Doh. He demands perfection from Ruriko, resulting in her throwing tantrum and quitting, but not before pointing Kyoko to take up the role she rejected.

He decides to use Kyoko so Ruriko can improve her attitude a little bit, although he does not expect that Kyoko will do a great job in portraying the trial role he gave to her, Choko.

He genuinely enjoys the quarrels between Ruriko and Kyoko, which Ren notices to be a sign of an ulterior motive. In the tea ceremony scene, Ruriko fails to perform but gives excuses. Seiji's response is to switch with to Kyoko's turn.

He doesn't expect Kyoko to perform well, but he is willing to see how far things go. He is awed by her professionalism of behaving like she isn't even hurt. He sees through Ren's actions and knows that Ren is seriously acting with her when Kyoko reacts with strong, believable expressions.

Seiji explains to Ruriko that during her turn she hadn't made Ren give the best he can, unlike Kyoko. He tells her that Kyoko is acting like a professional. Ruriko insists to the director that she can have enough dedication to her job to get Ren to act seriously with her as well, realizing that the reason she has been failing is because she lost that initial determination to do her best that she had at the beginning of her career.

Seiji finally notices the paleness in Kyoko's face and runs forward, yelling for everyone to stop. He tells Kyoko that's its okay to stop acting and get up. But Kyoko insists on going on, which impresses everyone, including Ruriko. In a great deal of pain, Kyoko says almost deliriously that there is still a client in front ofher. The director finally realizes that she is referring to Ren, who also realizes that he was the "client." Ren leaves her line of sight and Kyoko collapses into a faint, her ankle bone officially fractured.

While the director looks away, Ruriko asks politely for another chance, bowing her head, which made Seiji smile at the success of the endeavor. He warns her that he will repeat scenes until he is satisfied, which she accepts.

Ren openly calls Seiji out that his true intention was to use Kyoko as a decoy opponent to provoke Ruriko. Seiji agrees and admits that he can't switch the lead actress midway without Lory's permission, but was surprised at the unexpected pick up and desired result.

Later he arranges for a photoshoot as a compensation and apology for Kyoko's work. Kyoko is genuinely happy about it and thanks him as a nice man, which becomes a speculation for the crew members. Seiji indirectly apologizes for picking Ruriko over her and expects agitation from Kyoko, but is surprised by Kyoko's reply of not wanting to be led by Ren and that she was happy for Ruriko to be chosen. Seiji explains to Kyoko that what happened was a good thing; it's what's supposed to happen between real actors. He then requests that Ren escort Kyoko to her room, in-order to prevent paparazzi from contacting her.

In the anime, he is shown to look at Kyoko's photo in his laptop, hoping for her a bright future when she grasps a high form of acting skill.


  • The name Seiji means "sincerity" (誠) (sei) and "samurai, warrior, gentleman" (士) (shi/ji).
  • Shinji's surname Shingai means "fresh, new" (新) (shin) and "open, unfold, unseal" (開) (kai/gai).


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