Kanji 作用
Rōmaji Sayou
Live-action Name Unknown
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age probably early to mid twenties
Status Alive
Occupation Bodyguard/servant to Erika Koenji
Affiliations Koenji Group
Manga ACT.025
Anime Her Open Wound
Live-action Episode 7 (Live-action)

Sayou, aka Ruby, is one of Erika Koenji three bodyguards. Sayou is the brunette of the three and is identified as Ruby due to his ruby earring[1].


The bodyguards often function as a unit, so it's hard to know their individual personalities however none of them, Sayou included, say a word against Erika. They follow her orders without question even when they are violent, underhanded, and downright illegal[2].

On the contrary they seem to enjoy it, for when Erika asks them to beat up Kanae the bodyguards get into the spirit of things and dress up like delinquents[2]. We do see some of their own personalities here for each of them dresses up according to their own preferred fashion sense. Sayou dresses up in a traditional delinquent style trench coat with no shirt underneath with a headband.


He wears a nice suit and is impeccably groomed like the other two bodyguards[1]. He wears his brown hair swept over to the side with long bangs. He wears his ruby earring in his right ear lobe[1].


Not much is known about the bodyguards however they are all horrified at the idea of a commoner like Kyoko so they must come from families of some means[3].

They seem familiar with Erika's father, Katsumasa, for they mention him several times by name when discussing the incident[4]. This is to be expected for he is the one who most likely hired them to serve and protect his daughter, Erika and is also part of her everyday life so they may encounter him regularly. 


Curara CM arc

The bodyguards set up a temporary but plush sitting area for Erika while she waits for the audition to start. All of them praise and tend to her. With their mistress' attention on Kyoko the three servants make fun of her commoner ways and back away in horror at 'touching a commoner' which greatly amuses Erika.

All three servants take Erika's bribe money to Director Kurosaki. He scares them and tells them to take a message to Erika that he isn't selling talent if she wants to be hired she has to use her own talent to get the job. The bodyguards relay this to Erika who is furious that her plan failed and demands they go back and try again. They admit they're afraid of the Director and are unwilling to go back which only causes Erika to rage at them over the phone.

Kyoko and Kanae have performed their first act which took many by surprise including Erika who wasn't expecting much. She and the bodyguards approach Kanae who is deep in thought. Erika attributes Kanae's success to luck for what else could it be as she hasn't practiced acting since third grade elementary. Erika reminds Kanae that it's Kyoko's turn to think up a prompt but she wonders has she had any acting experience? Not that it matters because she is really poor! Erika continues to mock Kyoko and her bodyguards are applauding her whilst effusively agreeing with her insults. Kanae gets super angry at this and uses her chair to whack Sakazaki over the head with it as she demands to know why being poor has any effect on talent.

Erika is charging up the hall with Todo and Sayou in tow, determined to see what's so great about Kyoko. All she sees is Kyoko playing 'Best of Friends' with A-ko the chair and agrees that she is really weird. Erika thinks her idea for the reconciliation theme is best but refuses to say the key word 'sorry' for she has never apologized in her entire life and she refuses to do it now even in a script. All her bodyguards agree with her that Erika-sama should not have to say something so low!

The Director approaches the room and spots Erika peering in along with her three servants and wonders what she's doing. She and Sayou visible cringe and immediately snap back into an innocent position.

The Director is cautioning Kyoko and Kanae on getting hurt before a job which he sees as unprofessionalism. Erika and her servants are eavesdropping and a plan forms between them. They will injure Kanae in order for her to secure the role. The servants all lavish praise on Erika for her determination and applaud her. Their auras darken when Erika orders them to harm Kanae no matter what means they have to use.

The bodyguards all dressed up according to their own fashion sense of a 'thug' for this mission. Kyoko and Kanae are bonding as friends on the streets of Tokyo not realizing they are being targeted by Erika and her bodyguards. However whenever the trio or Erika would close in on Kanae, Kyoko would whip her out of harms way in the nick of time. They finally trap Kanae by using their crutches to hold her in place.

A Lotus in the Mud arc

Sayou is quite annoyed that Kyoko only recognized Erika through seeing them surrounding her and yet they were able to recognize her without her gaudy uniform. The bodyguards are quite distressed at Erika's injuries and current psychological state for no matter what they do she does not seem to respond to anything. They attempt to garner a reaction out of her by teasing Kyoko about her commoner ways, similar to what they did they first time they encountered her at the Curara CM[5]. However unlike last time where Erika joined in on the teasing this time she simply stares without a flicker of expression on her face. This continues to disturb the devoted servants for she is acting so unlike her former self. When Erika actually speaks to Kyoko they all jump in surprise but are so glad to see Erika making progress. They are silently cheering her on for they know she wants to ask something but realize its hard for her and in the end her pride gets in the way[6].

Sakazaki and Sayou both ask Kyoko for help getting revenge for Erika. Kyoko quickly makes the connection between this weird request and the silly Love Me request however it wasn't Erika but Sayou making it[7]. Apparently one of his skills is putting on a falsetto voice and dressing up as Erika which is why Sawara thought it was reported that a woman was making the request, to which Sayou explains that he used falsetto and Erika's dress to convince himself to be a girl. He was relieved that the person incharged conveyed the message to Kyoko since he was taking less and less seriously and was afraid that his call would be considered a prank call. 

The reason for the continuous requests is that Erika's injuries were not accidental it seems, she was pushed onto the road in front of a car on purpose. The bodyguards want her to curse the person who did this to Erika having felt her mystic powers before[8]. They blame themselves for not being there to help Erika but she insisted otherwise her identity as an heiress would be revealed. It seems she has been trying to keep the challenge she made with Kanae and going to extra lengths to do so. The servants have a suspect in mind, another girl who was auditioning for the role of Momiji, but they have little proof to support this fact and Erika refuses to discuss it[9]


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