Saena's arc

Kyoko sees her mother again, Saena Mogami - who she is not on good terms with. After getting disappointed and rejected by her mother many times, Kyoko finally gets the courage to have a proper talk with her to know more about her birth and Saena's past. Kyoko promises that one day, she will surely make her mother recognize her as a daughter by becoming a proper actress that can do all kind of roles.

Manga Anime
Volumes 36-39 Number of Episodes
Number of Chapters 18


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Notable Moments

  • Sho Fuwa waits for Kyoko at Darumaya to let her know that Saena got in touch with his parents. Saena informed them that she knew where Kyoko was and that they didn't have to worry. The Fuwas ordered Sho to check in on her.
  • Kyoko learns that Saena was paying the Fuwas for her care and living expenses, and that the Fuwas may turn up to bring Kyoko back to their Inn.
  • Sho reminds Kyoko not to fall in love with Ren Tsuruga and to still keep with her acting goals.[1]
  • In the car ride home, Sho hopes that Saena might actually care for Kyoko a little.[2]
  • Lory Takarada, Sho Fuwa, Ren Tsuruga, Yukihito Yashiro, Kyoko, Taisho, and Okami-san all witness Saena say on national television that she does not have any children.
  • Kyoko runs off to cry, but is interrupted in her flight by Sho, who came to check on her. He kisses her to distract her from her pain, but it doesn't work and she leaves him.
  • Ren also goes to find Kyoko and comes across her crying in the park. She mistakes him for Corn and throws herself at him to cry in his arms.
  • Ruto pretends to be an obsessed and creepy fan to prevent Sho and his driver from witnessing Kyoko and Ren.


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