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Ruriko Matsunai's manager
Ruriko Matsunai's manager
Anime | Live-action

Manager ruriko.png

Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late 20's
Status Alive
Occupation Manager
Manga ACT.009
Anime The Danger Zone
Live-action Episode 4 (Live-action)

Ruriko Matsunai's manager was seen playing a role with Seiji Shingai and Ren Tsuruga to try and regulate Ruriko Matsunai's diva attitude, as per the LME President's command. Her name is unknown.


She seems to be patient type of person since she got used to Ruriko's orders and what her personality is like. She knows that she is a true diva.[1]


She has bangs with her medium-length hair that is always shown to be tied up in a ponytail. She also has grey eyes which she pairs up with black glasses. Throughout her appearance, she is only seen wearing a business suit. However, in the live-action adaption, she was wearing more of formal clothing instead of an actual business suit.


Nothing much is known about her background, but she seems to be Ruriko's manager since she first started to be a singing idol. She was shown to be in the recording studio with Ruriko singing for her debut. When Ruriko falls ill she asked her to change the release date and when Ruriko was stuborn on finishing it she placed a cooling pad on her forehead before continuing her singing[2].


Princess Coup d'Etat arc

She was mentioned to be "Takarada clan" member #1 in fixing Ruriko's unprofessional attitude[3]. She planned to take Ruriko to the spot but didn't expect Ruriko to appoints Kyoko. Just like planned she took Ruriko to the spot and their van was broke down. She asked Ruriko to go to the shooting spot by herself while she will catch up to her when the repair is done. When Ruriko was reluctant to go she reminded that they arrived a day late and also stimulate her to go by reminding her about Ren waiting for her[4].She asked Kyoko to take Ruriko to the set. Then She made so that, she is unreachable by mobile phone.

She was later shown apologizing to Kyoko for Ruriko being the cause of her fracture but was scared after realizing that Kyoko is indeed angry[5].

Yashiro talks with Ruriko's manager, during Kyoko's special Photoshoot where she tells hims a reporter from a show magazine called Boost has been asking about Kyoko, because she is not in the staff or cast but she just had a photo shoot session and is talking with the director.But they refused considering Kyoko's future[6]. It was later shown that she was waking Ruriko while she was having nightmares[7].


Ruriko Matsunai

Ruriko's manager has been with the idol she manages ever since the start of her debut, so she definitely knows Ruriko quite well. She is able to tolerate Ruriko's bratty antics while maintaining a calm composure because she has gotten used to them. It doesn't even faze her one bit whenever Ruriko throws tantrums. Also, she knows about Ruriko's obvious crush on Ren Tsuruga.

Kyoko Mogami

Ruriko's manager trusted Kyoko enough to let her take care of Ruriko. She is aware of Kyoko's good character, having seen her put up with Ruriko's bratty attitude. Ruriko's manager was even shown apologizing to Kyoko for the injury she got from Ruriko's whiny requests.

Ren Tsuruga

Although they never really directly interacted, Ruriko's manager is well-aware of Ruriko's crush on Ren. She mentioned his name in order to evoke Ruriko to go on with the shooting, telling her that Ren is probably waiting.


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