Robbie Daymond
Robbie Daymond
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday March 11, 1982
Occupation Voice Actor
Skip Beat!
Role Ren Tsuruga

Robbie Daymond is the voice actor for Ren Tsuruga in the English dub of the anime.

Robbie Daymond is an actor as well as a voice actor. His anime voice acting credits include Naruto, Sword Art Online II, and Mamoru Chiba in Sailor Moon.

Personal Information

Robbie was born and raised in Missouri. He took an early interest in acting and did his first professional play at the age of 10. He graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance in 2004 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His voice acting career gradually gained more momentum after he moved to Los Angeles in 2007. [1] 

Voice Acting as Ren Tsuruga

The Skip Beat! dub team released behind the scenes interviews for their Kickstarter backers. One interview question is being featured until the video is released to the public.

What makes Ren different from other leading roles?

  • He, uh, well I like him because, um, he's just this sort of like uber jerk-star-lovable-flirty kind of... just a tough-on-the-main-character, really fun. I play those parts sometimes, but he is sort of like the ultimate version of that. I've really grown to like him. As the whole series started I was confused a little bit about where his character was going, but it became (clear) really quick. And yeah, he's a great character. I'm having a blast with it."[2]


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