Rick talking to Kuon
Kanji リック
Rōmaji Rikku
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late teens or early 20's (before he died)
Status Deceased
Manga ACT.165 (Flashback)

Rick (リック Rikku) was Kuon Hizuri's best friend in America. He taught Kuon to stand up for himself and gave him advice. He even gave Kuon a chicken named Brian. He was Tina's boyfriend.

Unfortunately, his life ended when he was hit by a car while chasing Kuon.  

Like his girlfriend, he never appeared in the series except in Kuon's flashbacks. 


He seems to be an outgoing person, but also tough. He encourages Kuon to overcome his fears, once by making him eat Maui omelet,[1] a recipe that he invented. Kuon later uses his Maui omelet and shares it with Kyoko, so he could overcome her own fears.


He has a strong build, and seems older than Kuon. He has a dark-colored hair, while his face was never shown. He is assumed to be non-Japanese as he lives in America and talks in English in Kuon's memories.


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  1. Skip Beat! Manga Series: Volume 28, Chapter 169


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