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Ren and Kyoko's Relationship
Ren and Kyoko.png
Relationship Type Romantic
Relationship Status Junior/Senior

Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami are both in love with each other but both have no plans of confessing. Ren is suppressing his feelings because he is still healing from Rick's death and Kyoko, on the other hand, is still scared to turn into the vulnerable person she was when she was in love with Sho Fuwa.

Romantic Moments

  • Chapter 71 - Ren asks Kyoko if she has any kissing experience while holding her on the ground
  • Chapter 96 - Ren tricks Kyoko and lays his head down on her lap. They then both fell asleep together.[1]
  • Chapter 99 - Ren comforts and holds/hugs Kyoko in his arms as she cries, stopping the tears. [2]
  • Chapter 148 to Chapter 149 - Ren kisses Kyoko on her cheek.[3][4]
  • Chapter 204 - Kyoko sees Ren in his appearance as Kuon/Corn.[5]
  • Chapter 209 - Ren (as Corn) tells Kyoko "I love Kyoko-chan".[6]
  • Chapter 210 - Kyoko and Ren (as Corn) share a light kiss.[7]
  • Chapter 211 - Ren (as Kuon/Corn) steals a kiss from Kyoko.[8]
  • Chapter 224 - Ren comforts a depressed Kyoko (though she thought it was Corn, at the beginning).
  • Chapter 262 - Ren slips a daisy-made ring onto Kyoko's right pinkie finger.
  • Chapter 279 - Ren confesses to Kyoko that he loves her.
  • Chapter 280 - Kyoko accepts Ren's confession.
  • Chapter 282 - Kyoko and Ren decide not to fundamentally change their relationship until they reach their respective goals. Ren promises Kyoko that his heart is hers wherever he might be.

Ren's feelings for Kyoko

Ren realized his feelings for Kyoko with the help of Bo the Chicken (Kyoko), who was completely oblivious that the girl Ren was talking about was her before Katsuki's Acting Test.

Ren's feelings for Kyoko developed when Kyoko worked as Ren's substitute manager because Yashiro was sick. Ren got sick and Kyoko took care of him. An evidence can be seen when Kyoko was changing Ren's water pack until Ren accidently called her "Kyoko-chan"  tenderly the same way he called her as Kuon 10 years ago. Ren first offers Kyoko full points but later deduces 10 points when he hears she only cared for him out of a sense of duty. Ren seems to be completely oblivious of his feelings which surprises Yashiro.

Ren can also be shown easily jealous when other guys are with Kyoko and are also attracted to her. Ren's jealous attitude can be seen when Ren puts off his "gentlemanly smile" then shows his "Demon Lord" side, as nicknamed by Kyoko. Ren unconciously gets angry when Kyoko lies to him about not taking the job with Sho out of revenge.

Ren's notable jealous attitude can be seen when he and Kyoko acted as Cain and Setsu. Sho was calling Kyoko, which resulted Ren to rage in anger, which made Kyoko feel scared. As a result of Kyoko walking backwards, she falls down into the bed. Ren follows her and goes on top of her. However, Kyoko remembered what Lory said to her that Ren was "fighting against himself" so kept acting as Setsu. Kyoko (as Setsu) turned the tables, she goes on top of Ren and becomes bold for her "brother."

Ren indicated to his manager and companion, Yukihito Yashiro, that he intends to pursue Kyoko but he's waiting for her to recover emotionally.[9]

During the Tragic Marker shooting in Guam, Kyoko sees Ren once again but in his real identity, Kuon Hizuri, the "fairy prince" Kyoko once met in Kyoto 10 years ago. Ren states that he will tell Kyoko everything, his past and his feelings for her.[10][11] Ren indicates that he intends to forgive himself but will not let Rick or Tina forgive him. He states that he will try to pursue his feelings for Kyoko for real now.[12][13][14]

Kyoko's feelings for Ren

Kyoko is hinted to have a small crush on Ren but denies it and confuses it with 'respect'.[15]Kyoko developed feelings for Ren when she was at his apartment, helping him for his Katsuki Acting Test although she denies it later on.[16]

Kyoko was notably jealous while she was acting as Setsu, when Cain(/Ren) tapped one of his female co-star's head softly, giving her a nice gesture. Kyoko shows that she is jealous by giving Cain(/Ren) more breakfast than he usually eats and also ignoring him. She stops getting jealous of his female co-star when Cain (Ren) gave her an unexpected hug, making Kyoko drop her Setsu composure for a while and Lory finding out about her feelings for Ren.

Kyoko mentioned to Lory that she started to get attracted to Ren after Katsuki's Acting Test when Ren kissed Corn, her blue stone.[17] Since then, her feelings have grown deeper. Some of the situations which pushed her feelings along were when Ren kissed her on the cheek in Valentines' Day and when he invited her to his apartment and cooked Omu Rice for her. 

But, as of chapter 199, Kyoko's acknowledge that her 'pandora box' has been officially unlocked, she acknowledges her feelings for Ren, but she is still scared of anyone finding out and she doesn't want to admit it outloud.[18][19][20]

Kyoko wants to know more about Ren's past, such as his real name. Kyoko has been wanting to ask this matter to Lory, but she remembered that Lory said that he could not tell her things about his past without Ren's permission.[21]

Corn and Kyoko

10 years before Kyoko and Ren met each other at LME, Kuon accompanied his dad on a visit to Japan. They went to Kuu's hometown, Kyoto.

Kuon liked to wander around the area and ended up in a calming place where he met a girl 4 years younger than him named Kyoko. Kyoko thought Kuon was a fairy because of his green eyes and blonde hair; it's also because Kuon was able to jump at an incredible height.

Kyoko mispronounced his name as "Corn" but the two still enjoyed each other's company for the next ten days.

On Kuon's last day, Kyoko asked if she could send him a letter. Kuon said she couldn't because they lived in different worlds (referring to America) but Kuon gave Kyoko his precious blue stone before he left to go back to America.


People who know Ren's feelings for Kyoko

Currently, there are 7 people who know or have noticed Ren's feelings for Kyoko. Those people are:

He is Ren's manager. Technically, Yukihito is always with Ren. He was the first to notice Ren's feelings for Kyoko when he saw Ren's gentle expression towards Kyoko when she thanked him.[22] Yukihito then confronted Ren, and confirmed that Ren is in love with Kyoko.[23] Ever since then, Yukihito keeps on teasing Ren and supports the two to become an eventual couple. He even keeps tabs on Kyoko's schedule to update Ren and to check times where the two could meet each other.[24]

Lory is LME's president. After Katsuki's acting test, Lory already knew at first glance that Ren was in love with someone.[25] After a while, he and Ren talked inside his limo. Lory was asking Ren who was the one who stole his heart but Ren wouldn't tell him. But when Lory saw Kyoko walking around while waiting for Ren, he mentioned her. Lory saw Ren's reaction and instantly figured out that the one who stole Ren's heart was his number one Love Me Section girl, Kyoko.[26]

Kanae is Kyoko's first female friend and her closest friend. Kanae already noticed Ren's attraction for Kyoko in Chapter 52.[27] But then Kanae realized that Ren was deeply in love with Kyoko in Chapter 141, when Kyoko mentions Ren's story about Princess Rosa that came out from the rose he gave to her.[28]

When Reino tried to talk to Kyoko, Ren went over to them. Reino has an ability to see someone's past and saw through Ren's as Kuon. He saw that the one who gave the stone "Corn" to Kyoko was Ren. With that said, he also found out Ren's feelings towards Kyoko.[29][30]

Sho realized Ren's feelings for Kyoko by the look on Ren's face when Sho announced that he was the one who saved Kyoko from Reino while Ren was away. Sho was deeply shocked at Ren's painful reaction, asking them to go away. He came up with one conclusion: Ren Tsuruga is in love with Kyoko.[31] Sho and Ren also expressed their "rivalry" for Kyoko, as shown when they encountered each other in the TBM car park area.

In Chapter 96, Director Ogata saw Ren laying on Kyoko's lap while both of them were sleeping. After that, Director Ogata assumed that Ren and Kyoko were dating. He also mentioned that he knew Ren's attraction to Kyoko before but he didn't know that they would be in that "kind" of relationship.[32]

Kijima irritated Ren in Chapter 190 by casually making advances toward Kyoko. Ren told Kijima that the reason why Ren didn't have her mail address is because he wants to hear her voice. He does this to make Kijima give up on her by implying his own feelings for Kyoko. It is safe to assume that Kijima is now aware of Ren's attraction to Kyoko.[33]

People who knows Kyoko's feelings for Ren

Meanwhile, there are four people who have noticed/know Kyoko's feelings for Ren:

When Kyoko was explaining how she has wanted to be equal to Ren's acting skill[34], Director Ogata suddenly asked, "Kyoko-chan, you love Tsuruga-san, don't you?"[35]. But Kyoko said instead that rather than "love", she "respects" Ren. Director Ogata is then left to wonder if that respect inside Kyoko can become love.

Later, after he was able to notice Ren and also Sho's feelings for Kyoko, he was left to wonder which one Kyoko would chose.

Chiori and Honami may also have noticed of Kyoko's attraction for Ren. Dark Moon's shooting was nearby and Ren is doing a car stunt. While he was doing the stunt, he drove the car too fast and almost hit a little boy. Kyoko heard a loud noise from the Box "R" set and suspected that there might be an accident.

Chiori and Honami noticed Kyoko's pale expression when she received the news and immediately ran over to the Dark Moon set.[36] Their fellow Box "R" cast mate, Yuka, is a fan of Ren also heard the news and showed a expression that is very similar to Kyoko's expression. Honami then noticed that if Yuka showed that expression because she's attracted to Ren, Kyoko might also be attracted to him because she showed the same expression.[37]

While Kyoko and Ren play as the Heel Siblings, President Lory in disguise witnesses a hug between Cain and Setsu, but since Kyoko is out of character she is seen as flustered and her face obviously blushing in response to the surprise hug.[38]

Kyoko was curious about Cain (Ren)'s actions when he was acting as B.J. She called the president on the phone and asked some questions. Since it was a phone call, Kyoko was able to brush it off and deceive Lory so he wouldn't suspect anything. After that phone call, Lory was concerned about Ren.

Lory visited the Heel Siblings at their set and observed them for a few days.[39] On a certain day, Lory saw an unexpected scene when Cain (Ren) hugged Kyoko and saw Kyoko's reaction. Lory saw through Kyoko and automatically knew that Kyoko is also in love with Ren. Kyoko noticed Lory watching them and realized that he had seen through her.  This ended up making her apprehensive and frightened about meeting with him afterwards. 

The following day, Lory wanted Kyoko to go to his office. Coincidently, Ren and Yukihito were also there. Lory announced Kyoko's break from being Setsu because her finals are coming up, much to Kyoko's relief that Lory won't reveal that she's in love with Ren. After Ren and Yukihito leave, Lory brings up the topic about Kyoko being in love with Ren and hinted for Kyoko to confess even if it was almost impossible because Kyoko swore never to fall in love again. Kyoko then confesses while sobbing that she truly loves Ren but Ren said he can't have someone he currently loves so she won't tell him. 

Lory understood Ren and Kyoko's situation better after he found out that Kyoko was also in love with Ren.

In Chapter 249 Koga is able to tell immediately from the expression on Kyoko's face when she reacts to hearing Ren's name that Kyoko has feelings for Ren. Since he holds a professional grudge against Ren, Koga often finds opportunity to mock Kyoko for her feelings.


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