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Reino in a leopard coat.jpg

Kanji レイノ
Rōmaji Reino
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Status Alive
Occupation Musician/Singer
Affiliations Vie Ghoul
Manga ACT.080
Game PS2 Game
Game Voice Actor Shun Takagi

Reino (レイノ Reino) is the lead vocalist of the band called Vie Ghoul. He has an interest in Kyoko Mogami because of her "demonic beauty" as Mio and also because of her apparitions.[1]


Reino has a fairly dark personality.

Reino has supernatural abilities which allow him to see, talk and touch spirits (Kyoko's grudges, he also speaks to ghosts of beautiful women as Miroku claims). He seems to be able to see into people's past if the intensity of their past is strong enough for him to detect, as he was able to guess that Ren's name was only a stage name.

He also has a gift for psychic photography and claims he can cleanse out evil. Reino also has rather bizarre tastes, as seen when he was sleeping in a coffin surrounded by roses.  He prefers women with dark auras, which fostered his initial interest in Kyoko when she was portraying Mio, but his admiration soon faded when Kyoko returned to her normal self, which Reino described as plain and boring. Reino dislikes Ren, as the aura emanating from him makes him uncomfortable.


Reino has a long platinum-colored hair with purple eyes. He is a little bit shorter than Sho. He has a fair complexion and a small mole under his left eye.

Reino has some notable similarities to Sho, sharing fashion sense, as they are both visual kei artists. For instance, like Sho, Reino wears leather jackets with leather pants. However, their similar style of dress may tie into Reino's intent to mimic Sho.


Reino is quite mysterious, therefore, nothing is known about his background. The only reason he wanted to bring Sho Fuwa down is because he thinks it's pretty fun torturing him. Also, he could somehow look into an item's background, like it's past owner and everything else.



Reino's goal is to take everything away from Sho Fuwa, so he started copying his style, music, and everything that is similar to that. It is later revealed during a conversation that was held between Reino and Miroku that Reino's only reason for joining Vie Ghoul and wanting to ruin Sho Fuwa's life was because Miroku wanted Reino to. Reino also tried to take Kyoko from Sho after mistaking her for his girlfriend.

And he said to Sho, that Kyoko's future man will be him. When asked why he did what he did to her, his explanation was so Kyoko would not forget him. To that, Sho became furious and beat him up. After being left wounded in the forest, the other members of Vie Ghoul come across Reino and help him into his coffin. Later, he meets encounters Tsuruga Ren while trying to purify the stone Corn gave her. He is terrified by the aura the actor emanates. He tells Kyoko that Tsuruga Ren is only a stage name. After leaving he says to Miroku, that he never wants to know Ren Tsuruga's past nor his real name.

Suddenly, a Love Story arc

Vie Ghoul except Reino tappink Kyoko.png

Reino and the rest of Vie Ghoul first meet Kyoko at a talkshow. They taunt and mock Kyoko for how plain she is and can't believe that they were actually jealous of Sho when they saw her as the angel. Later they go to a special studio, just because Sho also records there. Reino starts harrassing Kyoko right in front of Sho.

Both Kyoko and Sho are worried by this and Sho watches Kyoko carefully so nothing bad happens. But once Shoko forces him to leave, Reino takes the chance to act. He chases Kyoko and stalks her into the forest. Once he catches up with her, his supernatural abilities paralyze Kyoko and he breaks the zipper off the back or her dress. At first she is terrified but eventually Reino says something about being Sho's main rival. Enraged, she slaps him because she wants Sho to fear only her in the showbiz world.

Reino is impressed by her dark aura and decides he will take Sho's place in her heart. To anger her even more, he attempts to kiss her, but Sho intervenes. When Kyoko is gone, Sho beats Reino up, stating he could steal his music, steal anything from him, but Reino could not steal his woman. After being beaten, Miroku and the other Vie Ghoul members find Reino on the ground, wounded.

Later, Reino came across Kyoko again, this time Kyoko attempts to 'purify' him using Corn , but fails. Reino tells her to throw Corn away or get it purified because it contains the misery and anger of it's previous owner. When Kyoko disagrees, he wrestles her to the ground to get the stone from her. It's then that Ren arrives and sees them in this compromising position. Knowing that Reino is Kyoko's stalker, Ren grabs Reino's arm to pull him off of her. When Ren grabs him, Reino recognizes him as the previous owner of the stone and sees a part of his memories. Reino runs away, deciding he doesn't want to meet Ren or see his memories.

Valentine arc

the next time Reino meets Kyoko, he demands Valentine's chocolates from her. When asked why, he says its a time when a man receives chocolates from a girl he likes. Kyoko corrects him, which impresses Reino at how dense she is when it comes to love. Reino eventually tricks her and captures one of her grudges and blackmails her into giving Valentine's chocolates to him.

Later, Reino and Miroku meet Kyoko and Sho, who are arguing about whether Kyoko loves Reino or not. Capitalizing on this misunderstanding, Reino pretends that he and Kyoko are dating. Sho storms away after hearing this, calling Kyoko "a stupid woman in love". When Kyoko tries to give Reino his chocolates early, Reino tells Kyoko he won't accept her chocolates until Valentine's Day yet. Kyoko says she could give the chocolates to him on Valentine's day, but Ren will be there.

Frightened of what Ren may do to him, Reino tells her he will accept the chocolates early, but that next year he will only accept them on Valentine's Day. Kyoko gets angry and resolves to never let herself get tricked by him again. Later, Reino confesses his feelings for Kyoko, but she takes it as harassment and slaps him. Miroku tells Reino that he is too honest and that he shouldn't say everything he thinks.


Kyoko Mogami

Reino tells Kyoko that he will steal everything that belongs to Sho, including her. After stalking her in a forest, he uses his mysterious abilities to immobilize Kyoko. She slaps him, and tells Reino that Sho is her prey, and that the only one Sho will fear in the showbiz world will be her. Reino easily agrees with that, which angers Kyoko. However, Reino continues to say that he'll make her hate him even more than she hates Sho. Reino attempts to do that by kissing her, but is stopped by Sho, who had come to rescue her.

The evil couple - Reino and Kyoko.png

When the two meet again, Kyoko has the Corn stone with her. When he sees the stone, Reino advises Kyoko to throw the stone away, since carries the negative memories of its past owner.

For Valentine's Day, Reino tricks Kyoko into letting out one of her grudges, which he captures as a hostage. Reino blackmails Kyoko into making homemade Valentine's chocolate for him, which she does with great reluctance. When he encounters Kyoko again, she and Sho who are arguing about the chocolates, he decides to anger Sho by saying something happened between him and Kyoko. Reino accepts Kyoko's chocolates early after Kyoko threatens him with the appearance of Ren Tsuruga.

Reino states that he likes Kyoko, but only Kyoko's is portraying Mio, because he has never seen such dark beauty and scar like Mio's. Reino stated without her Mio appearance, she is a boring girl and he can't even recognize her. With that, Reino earns a slap from Kyoko because Kyoko recalls Sho calling her a boring girl like Reino does.

Ren Tsuruga

The first time he met him, Reino said that 'Ren Tsuruga' is not his real name. Reino was terrified when he saw Ren's violent past. He told Miroku on the phone that he never wanted to see Ren, or see his memories, again.

Sho Fuwa

Reino and his band copied Sho's music style; they even sent a spy to steal copies of Sho's recordings . When Sho realized that there was a spy in the studio, he wrote a 'new' song and asked Shoko to make a copy, which ultimately gets sent to Vie Ghoul. The members of Vie Ghoul are angered by the new song because it is a copy of 'Birth', the first song they had created to copy Sho. The second song was a song that showed laughter, as Sho was mocking them. Reino wants to steal everything that Sho has, including his fans and Kyoko.


Miroku is also in Vie Ghoul and the closest member to Reino. He had the idea to copy Sho Fuwa. Miroku often calls Reino, and he also went with Reino to see Kyoko a few times. Miroku thinks Reino is too honest with his feelings and says too much.


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  • (thinking to himself) There's a better way to hurt Fuwa than stealing his song.[2]
  • (to Kyoko) I don't know what he's done to make you hate him so much, but if you hate me as much as you hate Fuwa you will be passionate toward me, too. Like you were just now. So I'll do everything I can to be more merciless than Fuwa.[3]
  • (to Kyoko and Sho, about Sho... but also foreshadowing someone else) The hero always gets in the way. Even if the hero looks more evil than I do.[4]
  • (talking to Ren Tsuruga) I'm not afraid of dying, but I hate pain.[5]
  • (talking to Miroku) I had trouble picking an apple in back of the hotel... when a lion with ferocious fangs and a mane butted in and interfered.[6]


  • The author designed Reino as a spiritual medium because he is someone Kyoko fears and so therefore he could not be a normal person.[7] It was also actually Reino's name that they took a long time thinking on. Without a name, they referred to him as "Rei no otoko" which essentially means "You-know-who" in Japanese. Which is how they finally settled on "Reino".[8]


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