Princess Revolution

Princess Revolution
Episode 7 title card
Kanji プリンセス革命
Rōmaji Purinsesu Kakumei
Episode Information
Air Date November 16, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Princess Revolution is the seventh episode of the anime series.


It's Round Two in the acting competition between Ruriko and Kyoko, with Kyoko's turn next. Everyone is in awe of Kyoko, as she is continuing on despite her injured ankle.

The scene begins with Kyoko managing to kneel as if it were painless and demonstrating even better skill then Ruriko at the tea ceremony. Impressed, Ren begins acting seriously with her. Kyoko is tricked by his acting into following along which frustrates her. However the strain is too much and she faints before the scene is over. Reminded by Kyoko, of what it's like to be proud of one's work, Ruriko asks for another chance. Due to this Ruriko gives a shocked Kyoko full points.

The Director feels guilty for using Kyoko so he gives her a gift. Kyoko is glad to have lost for it was only due to Ren's ability that she acted so well. She realizes that she wants to be better so she can act opposite Ren with her own strength.

Kyoko accidentally mentions Sho only to have Ren ask if all her effort was only for revenge which of course it was. Unimpressed, he takes 10 points much to Kyoko's fury and dismay.

Episode Summary

Kyoko threatens Ruriko, by saying she will ensure no sun shines on her even in the world of show-biz. Ruriko laughs nervously at this for it is a bold statement. For Kyoko to be able to cast her into the shadows of show-biz, she'd have to snag this role and make her debut. Kyoko doesn't answer and just smiles at her. Ruriko is shaken at this, for why is Kyoko smiling so self-confidently? It's as if she has an ace up her sleeve.

Kyoko and Ren are both on the platform for the next scene. Ren has to bow to Kyoko's guts, he really didn't think she would go this far but if she intends to act in that position she will lose. Kyoko is leaning forward on her hands and knees rather than kneeling, her ankle even hurting in this position. She says she will assume the correct position as soon as the Director calls start.

The Director tells Ruriko as they look on, that he is not forcing Kyoko to go to this extent but since she wants to he is curious to see how far she is will go. Ruriko scoffs internally at Kyoko's position, for as if she can win like that. The crew comment that Ruriko will probably win because of this, she also performed the tea ceremony quite well. Plus what the Director wants to see is acting ability. Ruriko overhears this and smiles, inwardly agreeing so how can she lose to someone like her?

Kyoko is suffering for her ankle is hurting a great deal, to the point where her vision is flickering. She remembers when she was young and serving at the Fuwa Inn, Sho's mother told her that even if she is sick or hurt she must never show it to the guests, she must continue to smile until the guests leaves. Using this she envisions Ren as a guest in order to deal with the pain. The clapperback snaps between them and the scene starts. Kyoko quickly falls into a kneeling position, shocking all those watching, for she is smiling and shows no signs of pain. The Director says there is no way it doesn't hurt but that girl has the guts of a pro.

Ren is impressed, then shows a determined expression. Kyoko begins the tea ceremony, which she performs exquisitely amazing everyone. For although Ruriko was good, Kyoko is even better. Ruriko realizes this is why she seemed so self-confident before the scene, because Kyoko knew she could outdo her.

Kyoko finishes making the tea and places it in front of Ren who picks it and swirls it. He begins speaking his lines whilst drinking the tea. Kyoko answers with her lines but then Ren's expression causes her to gasp. Ren continues with his dialogue and Kyoko answers automatically but remembers she should've had a sad, lonely expression while saying that line. Ren continues again, his intense aura stunning Kyoko.

Watching the scene, the Director is impressed by Kyoko's expression and the fact that she managed to make Ren serious. Ruriko looks at the scene, for although she is only a beginner in acting even she can sense that Ren's aura is completely different to when he was with her. So it seems that Ren has chosen that girl.

The atmosphere has suddenly changed on stage, Kyoko feels Ren's presence is suddenly different, more overwhelming. Kyoko wonders if he is picking a fight with her? Not one to back down, Kyoko picks the cup up and launches into her next lines. Ren pretends to hear the sound of bells ringing, Kyoko falls into his flow and tries to hear them too. Then he delivers his next line and Kyoko is shocked to realize she was tricked by him, so much so that she drops the tea cup. He was just reciting another line of the script but she was unconsciously pulled along by him.

The Director is impressed by Kyoko's expression, Ruriko exclaims that she can do that level of acting too. The Director wonders if that is true for the reason Kyoko is acting so well is because of Ren who is acting seriously with her. Ruriko asks how to make Ren act serious with her. The Director tells her the reason Ren is acting seriously with that girl is because he is impressed by her guts which are at a pro's level. This is also known as being proud of one's work.

On stage Kyoko is reaching the end of her rope, with sweat now dripping off her face from the strain. Ren stands while delivering his lines. Kyoko recalls Sho's mother's words, telling her to do her best and endure until the guest leaves. Just a bit more, just a bit more she recites. Ren asks her a question and when he doesn't receive his answer, he glances over and is taken aback at Kyoko's face. The Director doesn't like the look of Kyoko, and calls cut. He runs over and tells Kyoko she can stop acting for it's finished. Kyoko's face is ashen with pain, wet with sweat but she insists that it isn't finished, until the end she can't leave this spot. Ruriko is amazed by her dedication, and remembers a time when she was like Kyoko. She had just made her debut and was working on her first album however she caught a cold. Despite everyone's insistence that she rest, she was determined to keep working. How could she have forgotten those feelings? The Director is still trying to persuade Kyoko to stop, however she isn't moving for the guest hasn't left yet. Before the guest leaves, she definitely isn't allowed to leave first! Realizing she means him. Ren quickly exits the platform after which Kyoko promptly faints. The Director shouts for a doctor.

Kyoko is carried off set by a stretcher, with the crew amazed at her tenacity. Ruriko has realized something too after watching Kyoko, and asks the Director for another chance, even bowing to him. The crew are shocked by Ruriko's show of humility and the Director tells her that's exactly what he wanted to hear. But it won't be easy, if he calls for numerous retakes she will bare with it without complaint. Ruriko happily agrees to this.

It's now late afternoon and Kyoko has come back from the hospital, her ankle now in a cast. Ruriko's manager apologizes for the injury which was because of Ruriko. Kyoko brushes it off saying it's not that serious but then adds darkly that the crack in her bone just become ridiculously huge causing Ruriko's manager to worry that she really is angry.

Ren and Yashiro discuss the outcome outside, it seems that while Kyoko was passed out and getting treatment Ruriko snatched the role back. However Ren thinks that the Director never had any intention of changing the lead actress anyway. The Director confirms that this is the case, for the President had asked for a favor from them, to cure Ruriko. If he swapped actresses this wouldn't change a thing. Ren and Yashiro realize that Kyoko was merely used as a tool in order to threaten Ruriko with the idea that she might lose her role. The competitiveness would make her fight for it and appreciate it more.

Ruriko goes to see Kyoko in order to give her full points, something she said earlier that she would never do. Kyoko is so taken aback by this sudden turn around that she is a little suspicious especially when Ruriko praises her for being hard-working. Kyoko is creeped out by how nice she is being despite the fact she tried to steal her role from her. Ruriko thinks she probably hates her because while she was ill she went to the Director and got the role. Kyoko doesn't think this is unfair but more the obvious outcome. For she did lose consciousness during the filming and if this were a battlefield then she would be dead. Put this way Ruriko agrees with her and admits that she actually likes her a bit more now. This confession causes Kyoko to gape at her shock which annoys and embarrasses Ruriko, who stalks off. Kyoko catches sight through the window of Ren and his manager who are leaving. She glares at Ren who also stares back at her.

Back at the hotel, Kyoko is overjoyed at the present that Director Shingai gave her. It is a professional portrait of her all dressed up. She thanks him profusely while the staff mutter behind his back that a 'nice man' wouldn't use a girl as he did but at least he is giving her a present. Director tells her that it's a real pity how the roles turned out, he doesn't think in terms of acting that she is inferior to Ruriko, in fact she's better. However Kyoko cuts him off for she believes that she is lucky to have lost to Ruriko for all her acting wasn't due to her own ability but because of Ren's. Kyoko is angry and furious with the way he easily manipulated her acting and she wouldn't have felt comfortable getting the role if was only due to Ren's influence. The Director informs her she's not the only one affected, for Ren can make his co-star really fall in love with him (aha the Co-Star Killer) or make someone really fear him if he was in a horror. Kyoko exclaims that this is a swindle, controlling someone like a doll. Anyway if she were to succeed she would wish to do it on her own strength.

Speak of the devil, Ren appears much to Kyoko's annoyance. The Director hails him over and asks him to escort Kyoko to her room. Walking back, Yashiro thinks how weird the conversation is for Kyoko is ignoring Ren and speaking only to him. He wonders what could've happened between them for there is this sombre atmosphere. Trying to lighten the mood, Yashiro asks when Kyoko began learning tea ceremony which causes Kyoko to recall the circumstance in which she learnt it. She was only twelve and Sho's mother offered to teach her, for it would serve her well in the future. Kyoko now ponders this statement, for only the boss lady executes the tea ceremony when it is called for. She realizes that Sho's mother was grooming her to be Sho's wife and hopefully take over the Inn when they married. She's so shocked she drops to the floor. Kyoko is depressed to realize that all her successes up to now have all been things she learned for Sho's sake. Does that mean she's just an empty soul? Thinking that its her ankle, Ren offers her a hand in order to stand. Kyoko looks at him, thinking that for the first time she wants to be better. She wants to be a match to this man in terms of acting. When the one day comes and she is able to act across from him again, then she hopes that she will able to use her own acting ability and her own strength. From today on she wants to do her best and fight for herself!

In his room, Director looks at a digital version of Kyoko's photo on his laptop thinking that he will probably see her again.

The make-up lady is waiting in Kyoko's room in order to help remove the make-up. Kyoko adamantly refuses, wanting to leave it on for as long as possible. The lady says this will ruin her skin. Kyoko doesn't care for she doesn't know when she will get to have make-up on next. Ren cuts through her protest with a line from Sho's commercial, telling her she'll lose to that person. Kyoko looks at him pitifully, and tears begin to well up in her eyes.

The next day in the hotel lobby, Kyoko is back to normal in her Love-Me jumpsuit. Yashiro asks if her ankle's alright since she collapsed last night from the pain. Kyoko is too honest and tells him that wasn't from her ankle but because she remembered a guy she really hates. A guy she really hates, Ren repeats. Kyoko jumps at this for she obviously forgot that Ren knows about Sho. So the reason she was so hard-working was all for revenge against that guy, he asks, even all that effort she put into her acting? Of course it was, she exclaims. Smiling Ren swiftly docks her ten points which it infuriates Kyoko. On the bus back to the city Kyoko wonders why?! What did she do?

Still in the hotel lobby, Yashiro thought Ren admired Kyoko, for he acted seriously with her. Ren tells him he does admire her guts, he just doesn't like her motives.

In the bus, Kyoko is still cursing Ren's name angrily.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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