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These are all the characters that appears in the PS2 Game.


Kyoko Mogami

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Her childhood friend Sho Fuwa, asked her to go to Tokyo with him. At one point, Kyoko overheard Sho saying that he only bought Kyoko to Tokyo so she can be his housemaid. Now Kyoko goes into Sho's rival company, LME and persue to get in the showbiz world with her one motivation, revenge.

Kyoko Mogami is the only playable character in the PS2 Game. You have to choose various choices to end up in various scenarios - wether it be good or bad! Choose your options carefully so Kyoko can develop a deeper relationship with other characters!

Ren Tsuruga

Main article: Ren Tsuruga

Ren Tsuruga is Japan's most desirable man. Ren is very dedicated to his work. That's the reason why he disliked you at your first meeting because of your odd motivation on getting into showbiz. 

The options you choose can lead Ren to be Kyoko's love interest, respected sempai or just your co-worker from the same agency. Choose the best choices to get your Kyoko's desired ending with Ren! 

Sho Fuwa

Main article: Sho Fuwa

Sho Fuwa is Japan's number one musician. He is the childhood friend of Kyoko Mogami and the reason why Kyoko entered showbiz to get revenge on him. 

The options you choose will affect Kyoko's relationship to Sho. Sho can end up being your enemy or your love interest. Choose the best choices to get your desired ending with Sho!

Kanae Kotonami

Main article: Kanae Kotonami

Kanae Kotonami is from Kyoko's audition from LME. She has an amazing talent for acting, however she also lacks in "love" like Kyoko so she joined the Love Me section with her. 

Kyoko and Kanae can work together to be A-List actresses.

If you don't want an love-theme ending and prefer a friendship one, choose the best options you think to get your desired ending with Kanae!


Yukihito Yashiro

Main article: Yukihito Yashiro Yukihito Yashiro is Ren's manager. He supports Ren's relationship with Kyoko and encourage them to be together. He can help Kyoko in the game by answering her questions or telling her Ren's schedule.


Main article: Reino

Reino is the lead vocalist of the band, Vie Ghoul. Reino takes an interest on Kyoko because of her potrayal of Mio and her apparitions.

Kyoko can end up being Reino's love interest, choose the best options to interact more with Reino! 

Maria Takarada

Main article: Maria Takarada

Maria is Lory's grandaughter. Maria shows an interest on Kyoko the first time they met. Maria can be more fond of Kyoko and call her "onee-sama" if Kyoko help her stop blaming herself over her mother's accident years ago. Choose wise options to deepen Kyoko's relationship with Maria.

Lory Takarada

Main article: Lory Takarada

Lory is the LME's flamboyant president. But if it he was not there, Kyoko would still be working at the gas station and will never get into LME. Do the tasks Lory assigns you well, so can be in good terms with him and unlock more scenarios!


Main article: Miroku

Miroku is also in Vie Ghoul like Reino. He can be usually seen near Reino. 

Shoko Aki 

Main article: Shoko Aki

Shoko Aki is Sho's manager. Shoko supports Sho's relationship with Kyoko and tries to encourage them to be together.


Erika Koenji

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Erika is a girl who once went to the same school as Kanae. As Kanae explains, Kanae got a lead role through the public opinion of the class, beating Erika. Erika felt jealous and ever since then, used money to get all the roles Kanae tried to get.

Haruki Asami

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Haruki is Sho's producer. She is the producer Kyoko worked with her on her first appearance on Sho's Promotional Video.