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Nakazawa greets.png

Kanji 中澤
Rōmaji Nakazawa
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Head of the Acting Section at LME
Affiliations LME
Manga ACT.003
Anime Feast of Horror
English Voice Actor Joe Zieja

Nakazawa (中澤) is the head of the singing section at LME Agency. His and Matsushima's first names are unknown, unlike the other LME Section head, Takenori Sawara.


Nakazawa is shown to be a capable person when it comes to work. When an aspiring band begged him to listen to their performance, he let them, believing they had potential. He is also shown to be blunt, as seen when he criticized Kyoko before she even performed her talent because of her motive on getting revenge on Sho. But on other times, he is shown to be carefree such as when when he was with Sawara and Matsushima, he was stretching his arms and asked if they were going to have a break yet.


He is shown to have long, black-colored hair that is always in a ponytail. His eyes are dark-colored and much like the other LME Heads, Nakazawa also wears mostly formal suit. In the LME Auditions and the times he was talking to the President, Nakazawa was shown wearing a long sleeves along with slacks and a simple tie.


Nothing much is known about his background. However, it seems like he has been working at LME for a while.


Introduction arc

Before the LME Auditions formally started, Nakazawa was shown stretching his arms while talking to fellow LME Section Head, Matsushima.[1] Nakazawa feels tired after having checked thirty applicants, and wonders if he could

Nakazawa stretches after skimming through applicants.

take a break. Matsushima said that it's too early too take a break and comments on how there aren't any applicants that have really caught his eye yet. Nakazawa says that there's more applicants to go, but Matsushima explains that what he means is that there's types of people who you could feel that will become a star even before they become famous.

Along with Matsushima, he was seen making a poker face upon Lory's arrival in the auditions.[2]

When it was Kyoko's turn, Nakazawa agrees to Matsushima's statements about her. He also believed that Kyoko was just after some celebrity so he will not expect any talent from her.[3] When Lory asks him and

Nakazawa, one of the judges, clap at her.

Matsushima if they feel something deeper for her joining showbiz, he shook his head and said that there is absolutely no chance. Among the judges, he was the first one who noticed Kyoko was ready to perform her talent.[4] Before Kyoko started her talent, Nakazawa says he'll rather see her do a parody.[5] However, upon seeing her talent, he immediately recognized it as the Katsamura technique.[6] Along with other judges, he was greatly impacted from the talent Kyoko have shown.[7]

Nakazawa assigns a Love Me job.

A few days after, Nakazawa was seen calling out Sawara.[8] Nakazawa says that two days ago, there was a group that wanted to perform in front of him. Since Nakazawa thought that there looks aren't that bad, he gave them a chance. However, they turned out to have no talent at all so he rejected them but in return, the group threw the gum they were chewing within the LME hallways. Nazawa says he knows the activities the Love Me Section does, so he assigned Kyoko to clear out the gums ont the floor.[9] In the end, Nakazawa gave her 10 pts for her work because even though she cleared the gums, it caused a lot of injury wihin the LME STaff because of the slippery floors.[10]

Princess Coup d'Etat arc

At the President's office, Nakazawa is shown talking to Lory. He is reporting about Ruriko Matsunai, saying that she has gone to work obediently. He says that she has to go to the movie

Nakazawa reporting to Lory about Ruriko's attitude.

shooting for that day but there were outside scenes so he was worried but upon hearing Lory's plan, it might actually create a revolution regarding Ruriko's work habits.[11] Lory says that they could get Ruriko to go on ad take the movie seriously by making use of her favorite thing. Nakazawa worries a little, wondering what'll happen when Ruriko finds out about the real reason behind the movie shooting.


Lory Takarada

Since Nakazawa is the head of the Singing Section at LME, Lory coordinates with him when there are matters within the idols LME manages (such as Ruriko). They fairly have a good relationship and much like other staff, Matsushima follows Lory's orders obediently.


Nakazawa and Matsushima look very close because during the LME Auditions, they were the ones who talked mostly. The two even had the same opinions when it came to Kyoko regarding her motive to showbiz and underestimated her before she showed her special talent.

Nakazawa with his fellow judges.

Takenori Sawara

Much like Matsushima, Nakazawa seems to have a fairly good relationship with Sawara as well. He agreed with Matsushima when he said he expected something from Kyoko since Sawara recommended her, putting much trust on Sawara.

Ruriko Matsunai

Ruriko is under the Singing Section of LME so Nakazawa ultimately manages her. Nakazawa knows her attitude and work habit issues so along with the LME president and several others, they coordinated together to relitiate her attitude.

Kyoko Mogami

Even though Nakazawa underestimated her during the LME Auditions, he was ultimately impressed when Kyoko showed her special talent. However, later on, he seemed disappointed with her because she failed to do the Love Me task he assigned her properly.


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  • The surname Nakazawa means "middle" (中) (naka) and "marsh" (澤) (sawa/zawa).


  • Originally, in the manga, Nakazawa was seen giving out the "10 pts" on Kyoko's Love Me stampbook. However, in the anime adaption, Sawara was shown doing this instead of him.


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