Mr. D
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Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Showbiz Promoter
Manga ACT.163 (mentioned)

Mr. D is a showbiz promoter in America who has launched several international actors and models.[1] He is therefore nicknamed 'victorious father' or 'father of the winners'. It has been said that he is searching for the 'eternal butterfly' or 'fairy' which is an actor that can 'breathe life into their role'.[2] Little is known about him. He also possibly wrote the book 'Get the Victory Mark'.[3]


Nothing is known about his personality.


Nothing is known about his background.


He has never appeared in the series so nothing is known about his appearance.


Violence Mission arc

"I'm looking for an immortal butterfly. Just as the name implies, it's a butterfly that will never die. It's transparent wings don't sparkle or shine. It quietly lives.. deceiving human eyes. Sometimes it turns into a passionate crimson. Sometimes a frozen, clear blue. Sometimes, it's a dull, earthy color that no one could call beautiful. It's wings change depending on the time and place. So that the lucky people who have borne witness to it... Know not.. that they have all seen the same butterfly. No one knows it's true form. They don't know it exists. When
Mr D book
they cease to be dazzled by it's phantasmagorical wings and accept the butterfly's 'real self', they won't know how to call it, and the name I replace with "immortal butterfly..." echoes in their minds: "fairy". I am still searching, in this fairy tale world of celebrities, for someone who can breathe life into the "role" and change their role over and over. The one called actor, the "immortal butterfly", the human with transparent wings..."

Chiori recalls Mr.D's words in her mind while seeing Kyoko in her 'Natsu' role. Chiori thinks that she might have found the immortal butterfly Mr.D has been looking for.

Saena's arc

Chiori mentioned the words "A life of playing a role regardless of what may happen to oneself is destiny." to Kyoko during the Box "R" shooting when her and her manager got into a traffic accident. Chiori said that those words were from a man she respects highly.[4] Kyoko asked if by that, she meant Ren. Chiori answered that she was totally wrong and that she was actually talking about Mr.D, the father of the winners.

Chiori explained that Mr.D was a showbiz promoter and launched several popular models and actors. Kyoko thinks that she did not know that such an amazing person like him exists. Chiori then asked why did Kyoko think it was Ren. Kyoko then replies that it is because it's so like Ren to say stuff like those while Chiori remains expressionless and looks at Kyoko in the eye. Chiori then concludes that maybe, Ren may also be a fan of Mr.D.

Kyoko thinks that she has not really heard Ren saying anything about Mr.D and that if he were a fan or admirer of someone, Ren would probably not tell others.


Chiori Amamiya

Chiori refers to Mr.D as 'teacher' and the master of her heart at one point and is proud to be one of his followers.[5] [6] When she saw how Kyoko acted into her Natsu role, she mentions that she probably have found the 'immortal butterfly' Mr.D has been looking for.[7]


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