Gender Female
Age Teenager - Early Twenties
Occupation Ninja
Portrayed by Kyoko

Momiji is a character and a supporting role in the historical drama A Lotus in the Mud.



  • Erika Koenji seems to be the initial actress for the Momiji role by audition but was dropped due to her unexpected accident and the subsequent severity of her injuries.
  • Kimiko Morizumi also auditioned but was beaten by Erika for the role. But after the Erika's accident, the role, presumably, was relinquished and given to her, as she was most likely the understudy for the role.

Second Audition

Katsumasa Koenji (Erika's father) launched a formal protest, stating that they must redo the audition for the role otherwise the Koenji group will cease their sponsorship of the project.

Momiji is the first drama role, Kyoko has had to audition for. She is preparing diligently by taking sword lessons from the famous Kotetsu Uesugi in order to secure the role.

Momiji is unique in the fact that there was a re-audition which is what Kyoko is participating in. The circumstances are unknown to her, this occurrence is rare so it must have been something quite drastic to have caused it[1][2]. Kyoko meets Erika and learns the suspicious back story of her audition. Although she does not particularly like Erika, Kyoko is disturbed by the unfairness of the situation and outraged at the underhanded techniques used to get the role.

Kimiko Morizumi is known to be participating in the re-audition of Momiji and therefore will be Kyoko's competition for the role. Erika's bodyguards strongly suspect her being behind Erika's so called 'accident'. They also believe this re-audition is being done in name only in order to soothe the Koenji Group. They believe the role is decided already for they know that Kimiko has someone on the production team. Kyoko confirms this is the case - Kimiko's uncle is the director of A Lotus in the Mud and she is known for using connections to get roles. Kyoko worries briefly about the audition being rigged but she shrugs this off, determined that even if this is the case then she will just have to change their minds.

Kyoko successfully got the approval of the selection panel in the second audition and secured herself the role. While Kimiko dropped out, stating that she lost the will, after seeing Kyoko's performance.


Kyoko believes she can accurately portray Momiji's feelings towards the samurai, Shizuma and Chidori. For she is in a similar position with Ren and his unknown love[3]. The more she ruminates on the idea, the more she feels like she can't give up this role to anyone else.[4] And the fact that she may be able to work with Kanae who is auditoning for the role of chidori, fuels her desire to try harder.

Kyoko is employing many insurances to ensure that she secures the role of Momiji. She asks a favor of Hiou to see if his well-known grandfather, Kotetsu Uesugi would give her sword lessons. Although she initially doubts Kotetsu's training methods, she is then reassured of his genius and thoroughness when she sees how much depth of thought he puts into training.



Momiji is a female ninja and follows the wandering samurai, Shizuma, around to protect him. Those of Momiji's lineage have served Shizuma's family for generations, and because of the blood connection, Shizuma has always thought of her as nothing more than a little sister[5]. But Momiji sees him to be more than that. 

Chidori was saved by him and thus falls in love with him and starts to follow him everywhere. Chidori comes from a family of high social status due to this she is often protected by Shizuma from time to time, he seems to dote on her through both his speech and actions[5].

Because of this Momiji seems to harbor jealousy towards Chidori.

Momiji has an alias - 'The Dust Whirlwind' or 'Kamaitachi'. She dislikes the alias for it is her father's name which she has decided against taking on.


Momiji sees Chidori as a rival for the affections of the wandering ronin, Shizuma[6].


She is garbed as a ninja and is armed with two blades of medium length that she uses to fight with.


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