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Mimori Nanokura
Kanji 七倉 美森
Rōmaji Nanakura Mimori
Live-action Name Kuang Meishen (鄺美森)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Occupation Newbie Actor
High School Student
Company Akatoki Agency
Manga ACT.037
Anime The Date of Destiny
Live-action Episode 9 (Live-action)
Seiyū Youko Honda
English Voice Actor Christine Cabanos
Live Action Actor Cindy Sung

Mimori Nanokura (七倉 美森 Nanokura Mimori) is from Akatoki Agency and a classmate of Kyoko Mogami.

She played Angel A in Sho Fuwa's Prisoner PV alongside Kyoko, who played Angel B.


Mimori has dark blue hair that has suqare bangs hanging on the right side, grey eyes and a slim body and Mimori's breast cup size is E, but Kyoko Mogami tells her not to worry for she is Sho Fuwa's type (in breast size at least).


Kyoko Mogami often describes Mimori as like the old version of herself, before Sho Fuwa betrayed her. Mimori also gets jealous easily, as shown when she sees Sho trying to interact to Kyoko during the PV they're doing. Despite Sho's cavalier attitude towards her and him sometimes even using her for his own selfish means, Mimori remains devoted to him. Just like Kyoko had done, she too badmouths Ren. She can be quite childish and unprofessional at times, for when she and Kyoko are doing a scene together for the Prisoner PV, she throws a tantrum disrupting the filming, saying she can't act with Kyoko because she hates her.


Manager arc

Mimori seems to have something against Kyoko Mogami from the start with no reason other than having more experience in the industry, and has been low-key bullying her at school. Mimori implies that Kyoko only got the jobs she's had because her agency (LME) supplied them for her, which annoys Kyoko.

Prisoner arc

Asami informs Sho and Shoko that the long-haired girl turned down the PV offer. Sho says he has someone in mind but was concerned that she wouldn't be happy about it. Asami says not to worry about that. Sho tells her that Shoko knows who it is so ask her about it, and says to Shoko "Pochi," which is a nickname that means "little doggy." [1]

Mimori appears and attaches herself to Sho. Kyoko uses her demons to intimidate Mimori so that she doesn't say her real name out loud. Mimori tells Kyoko defiantly that she's going to be the angel in love with Sho. Confused, Kyoko wonders what she is talking about.

Asami explains to them the concept for the PV. Kyoko throws up her hand quickly to volunteer for the role as the "devil-killing angel" for she has always wanted to "kill a devil".[2] Everyone is surprised she wants to play the antagonist and not the main role—not that it matters, because she was going to be cast as the antagonist anyway.

Mimori produces her homemade bento for Sho, who grumbles about eating it. Sho takes a bite from a fried egg roll then grimaces and Kyoko realizes it must be sweet, which Sho doesn't like. She sees him eyeing the trash can near him and gets mad because he should eat it even if he doesn't like it because Mimori put so much effort into it. So she slides a salt packet across the table to him with a grim expression on her face. Mimori is completely oblivious to both Sho's dislike of her food and Kyoko's efforts on her behalf.

Mimori questions Sho about his relationship with Kyoko after her identity is revealed. Sho says they are enemies. Kyoko walks onto the set amazingly transformed into a beautiful angel, surprising everyone including Mimori.

Mimori acts quite unprofessional and throws a tantrum, saying she can't act friendly with Kyoko because she hates her. Both Sho and Kyoko bicker with each other until Mimori interrupts, annoyed by the closeness between them. Kyoko tells Sho to reassure Mimori that they aren't like that at all. Still unconvinced but willing to believe Sho, Mimori starts shooting with Kyoko again. Kyoko enchants her with her acting and Mimori falls into Kyoko's flow.

Kyoko confesses she wouldn't have been interested in acting if he hadn't ditched her. Mimori questions Kyoko, to find out if she and Sho have dated. Kyoko denies having such as relationship but Mimori remains unconvinced. Mimori is quite happy with the scene where Sho kisses her hair and watches it over and over. In the scene where Kyoko chokes Sho, Kyoko gets carried away and uses too much force, shocking Mimori into shouting at Kyoko to stop. Afterwards whilst attending Sho she feels reassured that there is nothing between him and Kyoko.

Meanwhile, Mimori visits Sho's room, who loses interest once he sees it's her. Sho mentally tells himself that Kyoko would never come to him of her own accord. Mimori realizes he was expecting Kyoko and is depressed since the producer also said that Sho and Kyoko's relationship in the filming was more lover-like than his with Mimori. She starts to cry at the thought of this, which causes Sho to sigh "how troublesome." He pats her head whilst asking what's wrong.

Blushing, Mimori asks Sho to kiss her and he says okay, swinging her around to face him. However Mimori yells out "no!" surprising him and halting the kiss. Wailing that she doesn't want such a casual kiss, she demands a real lover-like kiss from him! He pulls her into his arms whilst saying that she makes things so difficult for him. Mimori half-faints in his arms but Sho is not phased by this reaction, thinking that girls are so easy to please. Mimori's manager flies in past Kyoko and carries the love-drunk Mimori away, concerned that she is sick.

Valentine arc

Mimori appears in Sho's dressing room to give him Valentine's Day chocolates a little early since she's going to be working on the 14th. She's dismayed she's not the only one who did this. Sho tells her she has to accept that, or he won't accept her chocolates.[3]

She asks if Sho is irritated because Kyoko will be giving Valentine chocolates to Ren. This suggestion makes him even more mad to the point of scaring her because even he hadn't thought of this[4]. Sho accepts her chocolates just before she is dragged away by her manager, leaving Sho with new worries in his head.

Dark Breath arc

Kyoko see someone calling out to Mimori and tells her about buying an album that has an advertisement for Sho’s album. While Kyoko’s expression sours upon hearing about Sho, the friend asks Mimori if she wants the photo sticker. Mimori exclaims that she wants it. She squeals that even if it is black and white, Sho looks handsome.

Sho some how convinces Mimori to inform him if Kyoko comes to school with promise of giving her a erotic kiss, as Sho doesn't know where to find Kyoko. While Kyoko tries to escape from Sho by leaving through the back of the school, Mimori handcuffs her to the gate and calls Sho. Sho had expected things to go like this and was already coming around the corner to the back entrance.[5]. Mimori asks Sho for a kiss, but he says he'll do it when they're alone. Mimori throws a tantrum demanding the reward. Sho explains that if it is leaked it will affect her showbiz life, since most of her fans are male. Mimori feels this excuse is Sho being concerned about her and calms down. Kyoko's pity for Mimori wins over her anger at what Mimori was manipulated into doing to her.


Sho Fuwa

Mimori seems to be head over heels for Sho. She follows all the orders Sho gives her. Mimori is shown to make Sho bento, a home-cooked lunch and hand-made chocolates. Sho suggested her for the role in his Prisoner song PV, in which Kanae Kotonami rejected.

Sho calls her "little doggy" or "Pochi" which she perhaps thinks is a pet name. Knowing Sho its more likely an insult about her character, maybe derived from the fact that she comes when called and does what he tells her.

Kyoko Mogami

Mimori is one of her classmates and she picked on Kyoko because she was a newbie in the Performance Arts class without much work done yet. Mimori told Sho that she was annoyed with Kyoko for being in LME(same as Ren), which is the only reason she was let into the school. The next time she met Kyoko was when she played an angel in Sho's Prisoner PV. She attaches herself to Sho, making the point clear to Kyoko that Sho is hers. At one stage Mimori finds it difficult not to hate her unless she's told the truth of her relationship with Sho.

Mimori grew jealous of the closeness between Kyoko and Sho because they know each other so well despite not liking each other anymore. She even went to the extent of saying she hated Kyoko and refused to act, but was overwhelmed by Kyoko's acting and went with the flow. Mimori questions Kyoko about whether she ever dated Sho, to which Kyoko answers negatively.

On the other hand, Kyoko feels sympathetic towards Mimori as she sees her past-self in her. She encourages Mimori that she is his type and to have some self confidence. Seeking to protect Mimori's feelings, Kyoko even encouraged Sho to eat the sweet omelet Mimori made by tossing a packet of salt. (Her compassion here tipped her hand, revealing she knew he didn't like sweets. Sho became convinced that the newcomer talento "Kyoko" cast in his video is really Kyoko Mogami and he later set out to prove it.)



  • The name Mimori means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "forest" (森) (mori).
  • Mimori's surname Nanokura means "seven" (七) (na) and "warehouse, storehouse, barn, treasury, granary, cellar, magazine, godown, depository, elevator, storage place, repository, supply shed, grain elevator, stockpile, arsenal" (倉) (kura).


  • In the Valentine's Arc, a fan translation describes Mimori as on her way to a gravure photoshoot. (A gravure idol is roughly the equivalent of a lingerie model), which was excluded from the published manga [7].


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