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Marumi Maruyama
Maruyama rumi.jpg
Kanji 丸山 留美
Rōmaji Maruyama Rumi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.124

Marumi Maruyama (丸山 留美 Maruyama Marumi) plays the protagonist in Box "R".   


Marumi has a mid-length light-colored hair and light-colored eyes.

She is usually seen wearing the high school uniform in the Box "R" set.


Marumi prefers to be called "Rumi," which indicates her childish attitude.

Back ground

Marumi was mentioned to be the up-and-coming talent [1] and she is mentioned to be a super popular idol even before the shooting of Box "R."[2]


At the start of filming, Marumi sometimes thought of Kyoko Mogami as scary because of her use of Mio Hongo's mannerisms while playing Natsu Kitazawa. Like others, she initially doubted Kyoko's acting ability, but gained respect for her when she demonstrated the Natsu she had created.

Natsu's arc

Outside the Box "R" set, Marumi loses her hat to the wind, but an elegant female—later revealed to be Kyoko Mogami as Natsu Kitazawa—catches it and gracefully sets it back on her head without breaking stride. Marumi stares after her in befuddlement [3].

Marumi later confides to Chiori Amamiya about Kyoko being a completely different person and declared that she was more like Natsu [4].

During the bullying scene, the director asked the crew not to let Marumi have access to the karaoke set, as every crew member felt that the bullying scene was unsettling and may lead Rumi to quit the role. And somehow the crew distracted Rumi long enough for the scene to be finished [5].

Violence Mission arc

Rumi films a scene getting soaked in a man-made pond, and since it's February, it's freezing for her. But Kazutoyo calls for a retake since the drama is scheduled to be broadcast in spring. He didn't want her to show a freezing reaction while other cast members pitied her [6].


  • The name Marumi means "detain, fasten, halt, stop, stay" (留) (maru) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).
  • Marumi's surname Maruyama means "round, circle, pills, purity, suffix for ship names, complete" (丸) (maru) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).


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