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Maria Takarada
Maria Takarada
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Kanji 宝田 マリア
Rōmaji Takarada Maria
Live-action Name Maria (瑪麗亞)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 7 (Start of Year 1)
8 (End of Year 1)[1]
Birthday December 24th, Capricorn[2][1]
Relatives Kouki Takarada (Father)
Lina Takarada (Mother, Deceased)
Lory Takarada (Grandfather)
Occupation Student
Manga ACT.003
Anime Episode 3
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 1
Seiyū Konno Hiromi
English Voice Actor Mela Lee
Live Action Actor Frances

Maria Takarada (宝田 マリア Takarada Maria) is the granddaughter of the president of LME who used to use her cute appearance to get people's sympathy.  


Maria has a mid-back length curly light brown hair that is usually down with a ribbon bow on the top, forest-green eyes, she has the same height as Hiou Uesugi and her appearance suggests that she may have some Non-Japanese heritage either from her mother or father.

She is usually seen wearing dresses or skirts.


Maria held a certain dislike to everyone who claims that her father loves her and she has a huge crush on Ren Tsuruga [3] that she looks up to him.


Maria is the granddaughter of Lory Takarada who suffered from a huge guilt complex from believing that she is the cause of her mother's death.

When she was five years old, she called her mom to come see her because she wanted to celebrate her birthday with her, since she and the father rarely bothered to before. Unfortunately, the plane that her mother took to return crashed, resulting for her to die.

As a result, Maria was unable to talk or even be around her father, since she thought that he hated her.

It didn't help that her father worked far away and never came to see her and that he voiced out loud to Lory at the funeral how he wished that Maria didn't call her mother.

He tried reaching out to her in his own way, but it wasn't enough.


Maria first met Kyoko when she came to LME auditions. It is said that she rarely laughed before she met Kyoko, but when she became closer with Kyoko she became happier. Maria thinks that she and Kyoko have common auras that normal people don't have and refers to her as an older sister. Maria has hated her birthday because its her mother died on the same day in a plane crash trying to get home to Maria to celebrate. Kyoko made her love her own birthday by arranging a gratitude party for every person they are indebted to. On that day Maria came to know her father doesn't blame her, and he asked her to forgive him for being distant. For the most part she has not appeared since her birthday arc.

The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

When Maria was young, her mother was always away on modeling or acting jobs. Maria knew of this, so she never asked much, but on her birthday, she was desperate to see her mother so she called her and asked her if she could come home. Her mother agreed and caught the earliest flight, but unfortunately, the plane crashed and it took the lives of everyone, including Maria's mother. Since then, Maria believed everyone blamed her, including her father. This made Maria become depressed and she swore never to trust an adult for as long as she lived, because they only deceived her. She cut off communication with her father, who was also always overseas for his career.

The Miraculous Language of Angels, a script the acting class was working on, had a plot similar to Maria's scarred past. Due to this, Maria tried to sabotage the play. She appeared in a pig costume, and wreaked havoc in LME's acting school. She hated the fact that even though in the play the girl was the one who told her mother to come to visit, everyone still loved and forgave her. That was when the job was assigned to Kyoko to talk to Maria and persuade her to stop.

Kyoko caught Maria while she was arguing with the actors. Kyoko agreed with Maria, and told them that it was rather unusual that everyone loved the youngest sister. This made the actors enraged and one of them challenged Kyoko by demanding that she act out the play, but as the elder sister would hating the younger sister. Maria tried to stop them, knowing that Kyoko was only an amateur actor and she could never do such a task, but she was stopped by Lory, who wanted the challenge to continue.

Kyoko switched the sister's and her own lines, causing quite confusing everyone. When the topic of emails came, Maria stepped in and fought against Kyoko, saying that her father did love her. Kyoko, still playing the part of the older sister, asked Maria why, as though she were the younger sister. Maria answered that it was not her father's fault, but it was rather her fault because she never replied to his messages. He always tells her he loves her at the end of every email. Kyoko smiles and says that Maria found her own answer to the question she had been seeking for many years. The scene over, Kyoko and Maria later talk about what Maria will write to her dad when she returns home.

Maria asks Kyoko for advise, but Kyoko gets embarrassed and says that she doesn't have a father. Maria get embarrassed for asking and apologizes.

Maria also gets angry when she finds out that the actors at LME's training school say that Kyoko still has to pay to enter the school and she says "Those three are no work and all talk!". After that Maria would write daily to her dad, being careful not to miss even a single day. After the experience, Maria gains a lot of trust in Kyoko and treats her as if she were her own older sister.

Lucky Number arc


Lory Takarada

Maria is Lory's problematic granddaughter. She is his son's daughter and Lory has been her guardian ever since the death of Maria's mother. As Maria's father often worked overseas in addition to having grief issues. She was initially a problem child in LME, disturbing classes and doing whatever she felt like to get attention. Lory turned to the Love Me Section for help when her rebelling became worse and even he couldn't defuse the situation. Maria has been better since and has grown close to Kyoko, calling her sister (which at first confused Lory and Kyoko).

Takenori Sawara

Maria and Sawara.

Maria and Takenori seems to have a pretty good relationship, Maria told Takenori that she was interested in Kyoko when she auditioned at LME. Sawara is also shown to care for Maria as he also asked Kyoko to try to help Maria overcome her guilt complex. Takenori also keeps a picture of him and Maria on his wallet.

Kanae Kotonami

At first, Kanae disliked Maria when she saw her crying at the LME Auditions, not knowing that she is the LME President's granddaughter. But, as time passes, Maria and Kanae seems to be in good terms, as they talked about Kyoko and Kanae doesn't express her normal attitude to her like she does to her younger brother and nieces.

Kanae was also invited to Kyoko and Maria's Grateful Party and acknowledges Maria's talent for singing[4] . Since Maria also looks up to Kyoko, she also calls Kanae by the nickname Kyoko gave her, 'Moko-san'.[5]


  • Maria's surname Takarada means "treasure, jewel" (宝) (takara) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


  • (to Kyoko Mogami) In this world, if you sigh once, a bit of happiness leaves yooooou! You don't have much happiness to begin with, big sis! You can't let any more leave you![6]



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