Kanji 愛歌
Rōmaji Manaka
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.175[1]

Manaka is an actress who co-stars with Taira Murasame and Cain Heel on the movie, Tragic Marker directed by Konoe. She may be the heroine, co-leading with Murasame, in Tragic Marker for one of the staff members refers to both her and Murasame as the lead actors.


At first, she seems like an impatient person as she was complaining about Cain being over an hour late on the first day of shooting of Tragic Marker. She seems to accept other peoples' quirks without a hitch. Manaka is also a hard-working person, as she states she strives to be one of the top actresses in Japan.

Although she was initially scared of Cain like the other cast members when she had a short encounter with him in which he tapped her head and comforted her, she became more hyper and always tried to stick to Cain's side and get his attention, much to Setsu's frustration.


Manaka has short, bright-colored hair. She is quite short, which is one of the reasons why Cain called her a "hamster" and treated her like one. She is always seen wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a fuzzy skirt and a necklace.


Nothing much is known about Manaka's background.


  • (to Cain Heel, under the belief he's the personification of the manga character Kyoshiro) Kyaah! Yay, yaaay! You finally responded to meeeee! This is my first step in joining your character relationship chart! I loooove your piercing gaze and mean words. Mr. Cain, Mr. Cain. Let's have lunch together. If you feel awkward joining everyone, I'll come join you instead![2]


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